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More Abundance - Being Creates Results                     

Being Creates Results

Whatever you are Being Creates Your Results.

Your Beingness is made up of your Energy.

How many times have you Consciously used Your Energy to Create Your Life?

Now that you know the importance of it, how often are you going to Consciously Create Your Life from this moment forward?

I live in the Belief and Knowledge that the sooner you access your Beingness to Consciously Create your life, the sooner your life truly takes off.

And what a wonderful life you have in store for your Acceptance built of everything you personally Desire.


Anything You Can Dream You Can Create

Dream It!

Create It!

Whatever you Dream about you Create when you Feel Good.

Dream about being a Successful Business Person, then only Think about it and Feel about it in Positive Ways and watch your Dreams Being Created.

When we are young, it is easier to believe that our Dreams are Being Created and it is easier to Ask for, Align with, Allow, and Accept our Dreams as we define them.

As people get older they begin to lose some of their natural belief in their ability to Create whatever they desire.

I believe that is part of the reason that Jesus said, “Be as Little Children”. As a little child we are naturally connected to our Eternal Beingness. Even as a teen most of us felt we would be able to accomplish anything we chose. It is only as an adult, and with a few “disappointments” that we start to see the world “realistically” and that we stop what is natural to each and everyone of us ...


Creating Our Dreams

You can Be, Do, Have, or Experience absolutely anything you desire.

I cannot stress this enough, so let me say this again, and please read this statement until you Believe and Know it is true:


Let that idea sink into you Deepest Heartfelt Most Secret Beliefs.

Let that idea become your Deepest Heartfelt Most Secret Belief.

The truth is that anything you want, you can have.

Think of something that you wanted in your life and that you NOW HAVE!

You were the one who thought it.
You were the one who felt good or bad and then Consciously Aligned with More Good about it.
You were the one who told your non-believing family and friends that you were going to have it.
You were the one who told yourself that you deserved it, and were going to have it.


You Are Always The One Who 

Chooses What You Want

Whatever you are Being Creates your Results.

Whatever you are thinking about and contemplating and talking about and dreaming about and wishing for is what you are Setting Your Creation Vibration to.

Whatever you are Feeling Good about and believing is going to come to you, your knowing it is there even though you cannot see it yet, you just expect it to come to you, and now it is coming to you.

You are the one who chooses it all.

I know you know it’s true because your life is moving in the direction of the things you love, never what you parents are always talking about, or your siblings, or your friends, or your co-workers, unless of course you desire and are thinking about the same things.

You are the one Thinking and Choosing the direction of your life.


What Do You Want To Be Today?

So what is it you want to Be, Do, Have, Or Experience Today?

Take some time right now to think about and dream about what you love.

The more you do it each day with Good Feelings, and the less you deny what you want by thinking of any reasons you cannot have what you want, the sooner you will Create the life of your dreams.


Start Dreaming and Start Creating

All you have to do is Dream and Believe your dreams are coming. It is just that easy.

Dream It and Love It to Create It!

Dream It, Feel Good About It, and Create It!

If you will just spend more time each day Dreaming about the things you love AND Feeling Good about them, you will Consciously Create the things you love quickly.


Remember Creating For The First Time

Just think about when you were younger and you wanted to Create something in your experience. Remember how you wanted it so badly, how energized you were thinking about having what you loved. You felt so Good dreaming about your dreams, and you felt so Bad wondering if your dreams would ever come to you.

That is how powerful your energy needs to be to Create.

The more Energy you draw forth to Create the things you want, the more God/Life/Energy you activate in your life.

You have to Desire things Deeply in order to Manifest the things you Desire Deeply.

When you Manifested your First Job, you put all of your Energy into the Creation.
When you Manifested your Second Job, did you put as much Energy into the Creation?

When you Manifested your First Car, you put all of your Energy into the Creation.
When you Manifested your Second Car, did you put as much Energy into the Creation?

When you Manifested your First Home, you put all of your Energy into the Creation.
When you Manifested your Second Home, did you put as much Energy into the Creation?

When you Manifested your First Vacation, you put all of your Energy into the Creation.
When you Manifested your Second Vacation, did you put as much Energy into the Creation?


Most People Put Less Concentrated Energy Into 

Their Creations As They Get Older

That is only if they are not Conscious.

The More Conscious we are about our ability to Create our own experience, the More Energy we Consciously Put into our Creations.

As people get older, many of us release the original fascination we had with Creating our life.

We can Create as effectively at any time in our life when we place concentrated Energy into our Creations.

Place more Conscious Concentrated Energy into your life RIGHT NOW!