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More Abundance - God/Life/Energy Showers . . .       

God/Life/Energy Showers Abundance 

Equally Onto All Of Life 

There are over 6 ½ Billion Funnels on Earth for this Moment of Creation. This only takes into account the Human Being with the capabilities to Consciously Create.

In the Earth Experience, there are easily Quintillions and Quintillions of Funnels present and active on Earth Right Now.

By the way, this is what a Quintillion looks like 1,000,000,000,000,000,000

Every part of Earth is a Funnel of God/Life/Energy, every Plant, every Animal, every Thing is a Funnel of Creative Energy.

Plants Allow God/Life/Energy.
Animals Allow God/Life/Energy.
Rocks Allow God/Life/Energy.
Air Allows God/Life/Energy.
Earth Allows God/Life/Energy.
Water Allows God/Life/Energy.
Fire Allows God/Life/Energy.


Human Beings Are The Only Free Will Funnels

On Earth, Life continues to Grow because, the majority of life, continues to Grow The Flow. God/Life/Energy Showers Abundance Equally Onto All of Life, and Plants, Animals, Rocks, Air, Earth, Water, and Fire Allows God/Life/Energy to Flow through their Funnels with no resistence.

That Is the very reason that life continues to Flow on Earth. No matter what we as Human Beings Resist, the rest of the Quintillions and Quintillions of Funnels Allow God/Life/Energy. In fact All of Life is an incredible Energy Balancer.

Human Beings are the only Free Will Funnels. We can actually Choose to Slow or Grow The Flow of God/Life/Energy in our lives by our thoughts.

The reason we Slow or Grow The Flow is mostly by not knowing that we actually can Slow or Grow The Flow.

Maybe, before this very moment in time, you have never heard the concept that we can Slow or Grow The Flow.

We Slow The Flow by placing our thoughts on anything other than being connected with God/Life/Energy.

We Grow The Flow by placing our thoughts on any belief in our Connection with God/Life/Energy.


"Slow The Flow" Thoughts Speak Of Disconnection

Why isn’t this working?
I can’t do that.
Stop fighting.
There is so much war.
I hate this.
Will I always be poor?
... etcetera

And I am sure that you can add a million others onto this list, but don’t bother with Slow The Flow Thoughts.


"Grow The Flow" Thoughts Talk Of Connection

I can do this.

I love you.
I AM Connected with God/Life/Energy.
I AM Love.
I AM Successful.
I AM Abundant.
I AM Peaceful.
I AM Radiant Health and Beauty.
Life is orchestrated so that WE ALL WIN.
... etcetera

And I know you can Add a Quintillion thoughts to this list. DO SO! Focus Only on your Dreams and Grow The Flow in your life.


Grow With The Flow

All of Life is Pulsing with Pure Potential Energy for you to Grow With The Flow.

When you are Aware of this Pure Potential Energy Available for you, you Access it.

Grow With the Flow in every situation.

Even a situation that appears to be the exact opposite (especially in this kind of situation) the Pure Potential Energy of God/Life/Energy is present and waiting for you to Open your Funnel and Create Only Your Dreams.

The Great Creators in Life have always Opened their Funnel - no matter what appeared. They Opened their funnel to Allow God/Life/Energy to Grow The Flow of their Dreams.


You Can Grow With The Flow In Your Life

Every Dream you have ever had, is waiting for you to Open your Funnel and Perspective to Ask for, Align with, Allow, and Accept Your Dreams in Manifestation.

Your Dreams are waiting for you to Accept them.

Everything you have ever dreamed is possible.

Even if you Dreamed of playing Center in a NBA basketball game (and you are only 5'-2" tall) there is some way that God/Life/Energy can Create Your Dream. You may not play in the NBA for 10 years, but you could win a contest that would let you play for 10 minutes in a real NBA game with full uniform and be officially be in the record books as an actual NBA player.

If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

Believe, and Only Believe, that your dreams are possible - and your Funnel can Create the opportunity for that possibility.

Everything is Possible.

God/Life/Energy Showers Abundance Equally onto All of Life - to use however you Choose.

Enjoy the Possibilities!
Live Your Dreams!