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If you have already achieved
Excellence in your life

and you desire to go even higher

There are 11 areas that create
the experience of a fulfilling life.

1. Physical Results
Mental Results
Emotional Results
4. Spiritual Results
Financial Results
Time Freedom Results
Career & Vacation Results

Intimate Relationships & Sex Results

9. Family Relationships Results
Community Relationships Results
11. World Contribution Results

Hi, my name is Barry Thomas Bechta, author of 50 books 
and the Creator of Excellence Mentoring. 

Excellence Mentoring works for anyone who is creating incredible results
in at least 6 of 11 areas of their life, and they personally
desire increased satisfaction in all 11 areas.

 I can help you recognize your power to achieve your desired Results in all
11 areas by recognizing your power already active in
the 6 excellence areas of your life.

If you are interested in Excellence Mentoring, download the pdf below,
read through the information and follow the contact instructions.

Download the Excellence Mentoring .pdf adobe%20pdf%20download.jpg  here => Excellence Mentoring

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