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More Freedom - Family Freedom                                   

Family Freedom

As people read through the information here, some will find it easily Aligns with ideas they already had about life, while others will find it a great leap.

At the very basic level, your life is a result of you.

YOU are Creating YOUR OWN Experience.

No one else.


Your Chart - Your Experiences - Your Choices

As Author and Sylvia Browne writes in her books, you write your Chart with particular experience in your life to help you gain the growth you planned with God/Life/Energy.

When you write your Chart - You are Creating Your Own Experience.
When you experience your life - You are Creating Your Own Experience.
When you make your Choices (or no choice, which is a choice not to choose) - You are Creating Your Own Experience.


How Free Do You Feel With Your Family Members?

Do you feel you get to be who you truly are?
Do you feel you limit who you really are around them?
Do you feel you become another person around them?

When you feel Free to be who you are around your family, that is the time you experience total Family Freedom.

It is all about who you are.

If you are comfortable with who you are, then you will be yourself, and no matter what anyone else says to or about you, you will recognize that their opinion can only affect you when you choose to Allow it.


How Free Do You Want To Be With Your Family Members?

So ask yourself, “How Free do you want to be with your family members?”

And then ask yourself, “How Free do you want your family members to be with you?”

Many times we limit our Freedom around our family members because we do not wish to experience our family member as they truly are.

Why is that?

The simple answer is that who they are scares us.

The complex answer is that who we are in reference to who they are scares us.

Both answers are very simple, the “complex” second answer encourages us to “simply” look more deeply into who we are.


Free Others Free Yourself

When you free your ideas about your family members to be who they really and fully are, you Free Yourself to be who you really and fully are.

Are you ready for more Freedom in your life?

If you are reading this then you are ready.

The process is much simpler than you may think.


Truly Listen To Your Family Members Frees All Of You

When your family members communicate with you and you LISTEN to what they are saying you learn something about them and more importantly you learn something about yourself.

When you don’t truly listen, and you are more involved in your answer or suggestion to what they are sharing, then you do not allow yourself to be truly Free.

When you listen and think about what your family member shares, and you take that information and think about it before you respond, you discover something about yourself.

Do you know what that is?

You discover that you are no one without others.

We are no one without others to be with or be against or be for or be without.

When we truly listen to others we Free our selves to BE MORE.

All of a sudden when we listen to others, we discover things about ourselves by being open to the possibilities of what is being shared.


When We Allow Others To Be Free, We Free Ourselves

Talk Less - Listen More
Talk Less - Feel More
Talk Less - Free More

That is the reason we have two ears and one mouth. I am sure you have heard that the ratio is two to one so that we Listen twice as much as we speak.

Through Powerful Listening to your Family members, you Create a Powerful Freeing Space for Everyone.