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More Freedom - Freeing Yourself From Yourself         

Freeing Yourself From Yourself

You do not have to be anything.

You do not have to accomplish anything.

You do not have to have anything.

You do not have to experience anything.

Free yourself from the notion that there is anything you must be, do, have, or experience Right Now.


Right Now!

Right Now you are everything you are supposed to be, Right Now.
Right Now you have everything you are supposed to have, Right Now.
Right Now you are experiencing everything you are supposed to be experiencing, Right Now.

If you feel a sense of Relief Right Now, you are Free.

If you are feeling anything other than Freedom, you are Limiting yourself through your present thoughts about where your life is (or is not).


Right Now You Are Able To Feel Total Relief

If you are tense Right Now, what are you tense about, Right Now?

If you say anything that has nothing to do with reading this sentence, then release it.

You are tense because you are thinking/worrying/anxious about something that has nothing to do with this moment Right Here Right Now.

Try it!

Release your unnecessary thoughts to operate Freely in this moment, Right Now.

Say to yourself, “I Can Fully Enjoy the Freedom and Relief and Relaxation available to me Right Now, when I Choose It.”

“I Choose The Freedom available to me in this moment.”

If you feel tense anywhere in your body, discover somewhere in your body where you feel totally relaxed. You may not even be Aware of the total Freedom active in your body, because you are totally Aware of your Tension.


Intention or In-Tension

You can embody your Intention or be In-Tension.

If you can find an area in your body that is Totally Relaxed, you can bring that Awareness to your entire body.

If you are finding it difficult to find a Stress Free Area in your body, I can help you. Somewhere on your body is some hair. This hair is Stress Free. This hair is totally relaxed. This hair blows Freely in the wind. YOUR Hair is waiting for your Awareness of it’s Freedom so that you can Access it’s Freedom.

If any part of you is FREE Right Now, you can be totally Free Right Now also.

It may seem like it is your imagination, but it is YOURS to begin with.

You can Choose whatever you wish to focus upon.

Focus upon your Freedom, and you Set your Creation Vibration to Attract more Freedom.


Do You Feel Freer?

Has your Intention replaced your In-Tension?

Even a teeny tiny bit?

If you can release a little tension - you can release it all.

I know it works for me.

I know that you can experience it for you.