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More Fun - 6 1/2 Billion Dreams Working Together   

6 ½ Billion Dreams Working Together

The truly amazing thing about Life is that God/Life/Energy coordinates 6 ½ Billion Dreams together.

Every person’s Dreams are coordinated together.

Or more precisely, every person’s Deepest Heartfelt Most Secret Beliefs.


Some People Believe In Pain Over Pleasure

Some people cannot stop focusing on Pain and placing that in their Core. They don’t do it on purpose, although that is exactly what they purposefully Create.

Other people focus on Pleasure and their Dreams, and the fulfillment of both. They do it on purpose, and that is exactly what they purposefully Create.

Whatever is in the Core of each person, sets their Creation Vibration to that very frequency, Attracting Experiences that Match our Creation Vibration.


God/Life/Energy Orchestrates All That Is

We are each individual Players in the Orchestra of Life.

God/Life/Energy takes our Individual Notes and Combines them into the Symphony of Life Experience.

Our Deepest Heartfelt Most Secret Beliefs in our Dreams or our fears, sets our Creation Vibration, and God/Life/Energy moves all the pieces together to fulfil the Dreams or fears of everyone together.

No one is left out.

We all have our prayers answered in response to our True Creation Vibration.


The Game Of Life Is As Fun As We Make It

If you wish to experience more fun, money, travel, pleasure, success, health, love, peace, the Consciously and Consistently Place them in your Core.

Believe in them without a doubt.

Activate them through your Thoughts, Feelings, Words, Actions, and Experiences.

Manifest them by Allowing the Energy of God/Life/Energy to fulfill what You Truly Desire.


Life Can Even Be Better

All you have to do is fill your Core with the Frequency of the Life you Desire, and you will Attract all that you Desire.

If you can envision life better, it can get even better.
If you can believe life is better, it can get even better.
If you can Ask for, Align with, Allow, and Accept life as better, it can get even better.