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More Fun - Fun And Funny                                             

Fun and Funny

Life is as Fun and Funny as you make it.

Fun and Funny includes everyone.
Fun and Funny blesses everyone.
Fun and Funny uplifts everyone.


How To Feel Fun And Funny

Every moment of your life is the only moment of Creation you have access to.

Whatever you activate in your life is what is going to Manifest in your life.

You get to Choose your Thoughts, Feelings, Words, and Actions.

Depending on the way you approach your life, you will either use your Creative powers unconsciously or Consciously.


Consciously Choose To Create

Relax more, enjoy more, have fun more.

When you are alone with God/Life/Energy in your Core Relationship, have more fun.
When you are with our Intimate Relationship partner, have more fun.
When you are with your family and close friends, have more fun.
When you are at work, have more fun.

In fact, every where you go, have more fun.


Bring A Sense Of Fun Into Every Situation

You are the Conductor of your experience. Conduct your experience with more fun. God/Life/Energy will Orchestrate all the pieces in your life as you ask, so ask for more fun.

No matter what the Situation, fun can be present.

It is true that people who are Vibrationally not a match to your sense of fun may feel a sense of disconnection, but if your Intention is to share Genuine Fun that will come across in your Thoughts, Feelings, Words, and Actions.

You will be sensitive enough to access the situation, and you will be Fun and Funny to the perfect level to encourage, include, bless, and uplift everyone.