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More Health - Healthy Boundaries                                 

Healthy Boundaries

For me healthy boundaries start in my core and work outwards.

The more I fill my Core with the fullness of God, the more I can share it in the world.

Each level outwards from my core has healthy boundary limits.

When I feel full and alive in each level of my Relationship Rings, I fully share my beingness when I ask and it feels good for me.

When I start from the Core and work outwards with every decision, I feel Whole and Complete about every decision I make.


“Yes” Or “No”

When I have set my healthy boundaries, I feel comfortable saying “Yes” or “No” in my life.

For example, when someone asks me if I can help volunteer at a function, I ask myself how this request works in my life.

Personal Relationship Core: Does this work for me? Yes.
Intimate Relationship Ring: Does this work for my plans with my partner? Yes.
Family Relationship Ring: Does this work for my plans with my family? No. Why not? That weekend is my mother’s Birthday. We are celebrating her birthday together.

If I make my decisions from the Core outwards, then I set healthy boundaries. I only agree to participate in things that allow my life experience to flourish and flow from my Core outwards.


Healthy Boundaries Equal Personal Space

For example, if I have a family member who continues to need a lot of my time, I ask myself why do they need my time?

If the family member is a toddler, then my responsibility is to take care of someone who cannot take care of themselves.

If the family member is a teenage child, then my responsibility is to help them become self reliant. I ask myself, “Does my response to their request help promote my independence and theirs?”

If the family member is an adult relative, then I ask myself, does their request allow me to feel fully alive from the inside out?

Each experience helps me to choose what is a healthy boundary for me.

My needs come first.

This is not Selfish.

This is taking care of the Self.

Only when we take care of our self first, do we have the energy to support others when called upon.

Self-Esteem begins with SELF.

Only with a Strong Self are we able to help others.


Life Is Supporting One Another

I like to the story of the person who dies and goes to heaven.

Just before being let into heaven, the gatekeeper took this person into hell.

“You need to see this”, the gatekeeper said.

In hell, the person saw the most incredible tables of food; glorious, mouth watering, wonderful food.

Also in hell, the person saw that everyone was miserable because they could not eat this glorious food because they had six foot long spoons.

The gatekeeper asked, “have you seen enough?”

The person nodded and they went back to heaven.

In heaven, the person saw that heaven had the same incredible tables of food that were present in hell.

And exactly as in hell, the people in heaven had six foot long spoons.

However, in heaven, they were gloriously happy because they were feeding each other.


Heathy Boundaries Feed Each Other

When we are down, others are there to help us up.

When others are down, we are there to help them up.

Healthy boundaries allow us to feed each other.

If we say “No” when we want to, we can say “Yes” when we want to.

Being able to say “Yes” or “No” because of what is important to us is valuable to keeping strong health.


Healthy Boundaries Protect Each Other

When we have healthy boundaries, we feel safe and protected.

We know that we can say “Yes” or “No” because that is what works for us.

We also know that people will say “Yes” or “No” to us because that is what works for them.

Healthy boundaries work both ways.

We choose to have healthy boundaries for ourselves, and we choose healthy boundaries for everyone else in our lives.

Healthy Boundaries help us work well with others.

Healthy Limits help us work well with ourselves.