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More Health - Friends/Work Health                              

Friends/Work Health

When you set up your life observing the Seven Relationship Rings, you build every part of your life from the inside out.

For the experience of Friends/Work Health you start with #1 and move to #4.

1. You Create Personal Health first.
2. You Create Intimate Health second.
3. You Create Family Health third.
4. Then You Create Friends/Work Health

When you Create Health from the inside out, your Actions Create a Strong Healthy Core.

When you skip the Health of an inner Relationship Ring in favor of an outer Relationship Ring, your experience of Healthy Relationships suffers.


If Your Partner/Spouse Is Upset About The Time You Spend With Friends . . . 

Then you can be assured that your Intimate Health is a stake.

For some people this is a lesson they never learn, or learn the hard way.

All of Life communicates with you every moment. All of Life shows you the way to your dreams and the way to total Health in every moment

When you build your Love, Success, Abundance, Peace, Health, Joy, Freedom, Fun, Sex, Wealth, Kindness, Relief, and Playfulness from the inside out your Healthy Core Creates your Healthy Life.


Don’t I Need Work Health To Support Family Health?

Some ask and imagine that Family Health is due to Financial Stability through Work Health.

It is easier to Support Family Health with Financial Health, but even with all the Financial Health in the world, if you have no time for Family Health, it is going to suffer.

1. First, you take care of yourself.
2. Second, you take care of your intimate relationship.
3. Third, you take care of your Family.
4. Forth, you take care of Friends/Work.

This may seem counter to what you know and understand, but it is essential to continued Health in all of your Relationship Rings.


My Work Life Takes Up Half Of My Day

It may be true that your work life takes up half of your day (or more or less).

It is also true that your Health when properly built and supported takes little time to maintain, than fighting for Health after breakdowns in your Health.

If the Health in any of your Relationship Rings is currently suffering, it will take a lot of Clearly Focused Attention to get it back on track.

When you build your Healthy Relationship Rings from the inside out, you experience total Health.

In the beginning, it will seem that you barely have enough time in the day to support your personal Health, without even getting to support Intimate Health, and Family Health.

However, when you Personally feel Healthy, you will overflow with Health, and your Personal Health will overflow into your Intimate Relationship.

Then your Personal Health and your Intimate Health will overflow into your Family Health.

Next your Personal, Intimate, and Family Health will overflow into your Friends/Work Health.


Only You Know How Committed You Are To Health

If the idea of Creating Health from the inside out seems daunting or overwhelming to you, then you know you have some work to Create Total Health in your life.

If this idea seems to Align with your personal feelings on Health (or a new Good Feeling Vision of Health), then it will be much easier to accomplish Total Health in your life.

Your Health in all areas of your life takes as long as it does for you to Choose and Align with your idea of Health.

The more you believe something is possible, the more effectively you Vibrationally Align with it.


Health With Your Friends

How many Friends do you NEED to Feel Whole and Complete?
How many Friends do you WANT to Feel Whole and Complete?

The difference between how many Friends you Need (Just 1) and Want (100 +) can be vast.

Only you know what is right for you.

As with all of your life, you get to choose whatever you desire.

The more friends you Want, the more time it will take to support those friendships.

The more time involved in supporting those friendships, the less time you have to build health from the inside out in all your Relationship Rings (when you have not yet done it).

The Health you experience with Friends is a key component in your Personal Health as well, so you need to . . .

1. Clearly define what you desire in friendships.
2. Make it a fun experience to foster.
3. Listen as your feelings explain your progress.


Health At Work

As mentioned earlier, we can easily spend half of our daily life at work (or more or less).

The Health we experience at work is a key component in our Personal Health because the Health in each Relationship Ring feeds or starves our Core Health.

1. Clearly define what you desire with work (right livelihood).
2. Make it a fun experience to foster.
3. Listen as your feelings explain your progress.

When you do this your entire life will move forward in Healthy ways.


Where You Are May Be Different From Where You Are Going

Once you Clearly define where you are going, you will know how you are progressing by the way you feel. When you Feel Good you are on track.

With all new ideas in your life, remember to take the ones that Feel Good to you. Leave all the other ideas for the people who find those ideas feel good to them. Then Clearly define what you desire with each new idea that builds your life into even better and more fulfilling forms.

Each moment of your life holds the same potential for growth and change and miracles.

You define and redefine your dreams each and every moment of your life. This journey never ends. A new idea expands your view and experience of life and you expand your dream in life with each new idea. Assess all your new ideas at the end of each day rather than in each moment. Write down the new ideas that come to you through inspiration so you remember them. Then take the ones that Feel the best to Clearly define what you desire.

1. Clearly define what you desire. It changes daily.
2. Make it a fun experience to foster.
3. Listen as your feelings explain your progress.

How much simpler is Health than that?