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More Health - Health Symptoms                                    

Health Symptoms

What are the symptoms of Good Health?

That may seem like a weird question to ask, but is it any weirder than, “What are the symptoms of Bad Health?”

The word Symptom means: 

1. any sensation or change in bodily function associated with a particular disease 

2. Anything that accompanies X and is regarded as an indication of X’s existence.

Let’s focus on the second definition in this case, “Anything that accompanies X and is regarded as an indication of X’s existence”.


So What Are Symptoms Of Health?

Feeling good?
Feeling great?
Looking great?


The Feeling Of God As Health Symptoms

If our life is a physical representation of our thoughts (and it is), then why not think of God first?

"Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?" Jesus replied: "'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.' This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments." Matthew 22:36-40 (New International Version)

Jesus suggests that we love God with all we have.

Imagine what you world would be like if your thoughts were ever turned towards God.

Your Health would be the Health of God.
Your Success would be the Success of God.
You Abundance would be the Abundance of God.


What You Think About Comes About

I ask you, what do you think about on a daily basis?

God Manifesting in your life?
Challenges Manifesting in your life?

Whatever you think about Manifests as your life experience.

If a person or a doctor describes your experience as a Symptom of Disease, do you accept that as truth?

If you accept that pronouncement of Disease as truth, does that allow Health to manifest?


Whatever You Think About Comes About!

For example sake, let’s imagine that you have been diagnosed with a particular disease - it could be as simple as the flu or as complex as _____________ (there are many complex ideas out there).

You are in control of your mind.

You get to choose what you believe.

When you believe 100% in your Health, it is less powerful than believing 100% in the Health of God Available within you.

When you contemplate the Radiant Health and Vitality of God/Life/Energy, you will discover that whatever you think about comes about.

You have been diagnosed with a particular disease, and you Consciously Choose Health it might appear like this in your thoughts . . .

I Love and Approve of Myself. God’s Health is my Health. Where God is ONLY Present, God is the Only Present. I use the power of my mind to Allow God’s Health to be my Health. I AM Willing to Change my old thoughts about my physical health into my new thoughts of physical Health that uses God as the Model of Health. If I focus on anything other than God as my Health, then I also choose anything other than God as my Health. God Loves Me. God Loves Me so much that I have been given the gift of Choice. I Choose God as my Health. Even when my body does not feel as Radiant and Vibrant as it could, I know that the energy of God is Transforming the energy of my Body back to Radiant Health and Beauty. It is always and only my choice. I Thank God for being my Radiant Health and Vitality. God is the Alpha and the Omega. God is the beginning and the ending. God supports all creation, including my creation that got me to where I am today. With God’s support, God helps me Ask for, Align with, Allow, and Accept Radiant Health and Vitality as my experience. Each moment I focus on God as my Health, I access the restoring healing power of God as my Health.

And with these thoughts, you empower your Self-Esteem and with strong and healthy self-esteem, you would more powerfully and effectively Believe in the ability of Whatever healing process your choose.


Health Indicators

As I look at my life, I get to Choose the focus of my life.

I can look at something and say it indicates Disease.

I can also look at something and say that it indicates a conscious need to access the Power of God.

This concept in no way denies what appears, however it Allows what is desired.

Health indicates healthy thoughts about oneself and Life.

Sickness indicates sick thoughts about oneself and Life.


Accept Sickness Only As A Messenger Encouraging A Health Focus 

Every sickness reminds me to Focus on Health.
Every experience of lack reminds me to Focus on Abundance.
Every indication of failure reminds me to Focus on Success.

As the Native Peoples of Many World Cultures say about whatever is present in one’s life. “That is Only What Is.”

“Now you get to choose who and what you are in the face of What Is.”

You can choose to be focused on disconnection from the Source of All That Is.

You can also choose to be focused on Connection with the Source of All, God/Life/Energy.