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More Health - World Health                                           

World Health

Most people spend their entire life just learning to master the first four Relationship Rings. They work on the following levels:

1. Personal
2. Intimate
3. Family
4. Friends/Work

The people who affect great change on a global scale work in the outer levels:

5. Community
6. Country
7. World


The Example Of Mahatma Gandhi

When I speak of World Health, I AM speaking of our Personal Ability to Affect Great Change Through example.

The reason that I believe that most people only work on the four inner levels is that few reach the Global impact level of a person like Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, better known to the world as Mahatma Gandhi.

I believe that the seeds for each of us to Impact the Health of the World on a Global Scale are present, but that we need to water them and build a strong Health pyramid to fully grow them.

Mahatma Gandhi fostered the Principle of Non-Violence and Non-Resistance on a personal level which in turn Created Change in each of his Relationship Rings out to the World Level.


At The Purest Level Mahatma Gandhi Set Personal SELFISH Standards

Although Mahatma Gandhi affected change on Global Levels, he utilized Personal Standards to affect change.

Mahatma Gandhi used his Personal Presence as his Health Example.
Mahatma Gandhi used his Personal Example as his Model for Change.
Mahatma Gandhi used his Personal Spiritual Beliefs to Guide his actions.
Mahatma Gandhi used his Personal Fasting as his Method to demonstrate his wishes.
Mahatma Gandhi used his Personal Non-Violence and Non-Resistance to demonstrate his beliefs.

Were not his choices Personally SELFISH (Self Is Health)?

Through his Personal Example, Mahatma Gandhi set an example of belief for himself. He did it for himself. For he knew, no other way to be. His example demonstrated to others a possibility they had not previously known.

It is amazing to note, that Mahatma Gandhi was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize five times, but was never awarded it because he was “neither a real politician nor a humanitarian relief worker”.

After his assassination, the then Executive Director of the Nobel Foundation went on record to say that it was a “Big Regret” that they did not award (and could not after his death) the Nobel Peace Prize for someone who had done so much for the world.


What Personal Standards Set Your Example To The World?

Just like Mahatma Gandhi, your Personal SELFISH Standards Set Your Example to the World.

1. Your Personal Choices influence
2. Your Intimate Choices which influence
3. Your Family Choices which influence
4. Your Friends/Work Choices which influence
5. Your Community Choices which influence
6. Your Country Choices which influence
7. Your World Choices

In fact, your Personal Choices are influencing outwards to the Global Level without you even knowing it.

Your Personal Choices are either Consciously or unconsciously influencing those around you who influence those around them and on and on for the entire world.

To think that your Personal Example matters little or not at all is foolish.

Each and everyone of us is responsible for our Personal Impact in the World.


What Impact Do You Wish To Have?

Only you know what you would like to foster in the world.

Only you can Choose moment to moment to embody what you would like to foster.

If your example currently does not foster what you wish, only you can Choose to discover the ways you can foster what you wish.

Through Awareness of the Possibilities you can do anything.

You don’t have to make an example of your life for anyone. You don’t have to tell others what you are doing. Your example will show others who and what you are.
Your example always shows others who and what you are.


You Are More Important To The World Than You May Realize

Right Now, you are a super important piece to the Manifestation of our World Experience.

Right Now, you are the foundation that your world is based upon.

Right Now, your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions are putting into place whatever you focus upon.

Right Now, your moment to moment choices go on to affect the entire world as you experience it.

If you experience something in your life, you have fostered it’s Presence.

If you wish to continue experiencing it’s Presence then keep paying attention to it.

If you wish to foster different experiences, then place your attention onto what you wish to foster.


Your Focus Creates Your Experience Of World Health

Through the news or gossip, you may hear about terrible things that are taking place in the world Right Now.

Through your focus you can add your Creative Energy to whatever you Focus Upon.

You can moan and complain about “the bad”.


You can Praise and Celebrate “The Good”.

The more you Praise and Celebrate “The Good”, the more your example will filter out into the World and the more you will find that others will Praise and Celebrate “The Good” until that is all we experience on a Global Scale.

This is not something that we have to Change in others.

This is only something you can Foster in yourself.

Mother Teresa once said in response to a reporter’s question about how he could help with her mission of Peace, “Go home and make peace in your family.”

This is a very good goal for each of us who desire more Peace and Health in the world.