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More Joy - Personal Joy                                                  

Personal Joy

How often do you laugh until your sides hurt?

How often do you laugh and feel that you have just had a physical workout?

How often do you let yourself experience Personal Joy to a level that it is You?

Do you yet?

As I write this down, right now, and as you read this right now, I realize that I could laugh more.

How about you?

Could you laugh more?



There are laughter clubs in the world. Do you have a membership?

You have a family. Do you laugh just because you are around each other?


Feel Good

When you see the picture at the top of the page, of a baby’s hand against an adults finger, do you just Feel Good?

Does it help you say “Awww.”?

Do you smile with ease at the simple beauty of life.



The most important relationship we can have with anyone is a “5 Second Relationship”.


Smile Often!

Smile Joyfully!

Do you notice yourself, smiling naturally when you see a new born baby?

Do you smile as naturally with the baby’s parent?

How about with a person on the street, do you smile enough with others?

For no other reason than sharing your JOY!


Do You Smile At Yourself?

Do you look in the mirror and smile at what you see?

Do you look in the mirror and compliment what you see?

Do you look in the mirror and feel incredible peaceful Joy at what you see?

All the Joy you experience in your life is a reflection of what you see in yourself.

How much Joy do you experience in your life?

Would you like to experience more?


“I Love And Approve Of Myself 

Just As I AM Where I AM!”

I love the book by Louise L. Hay - You Can Heal Your Life.

If you have not read it, I highly recommend that you pick a copy up some day and read it. It is a wonderful book with a wonderful message.

The message is that every physical, mental, and emotional problem we experience is due to a lack of self love.

How much simpler can life be?

“I Love and Approve of Myself Just as I AM where I AM!”
“I Love and Approve of Myself Just as I AM where I AM!”
“I Love and Approve of Myself Just as I AM where I AM!”

Take this very simple profound affirmation and go to a mirror, look yourself in the eye and say it with love to YOU.

Look deeply into your eyes.
Love yourself as you say it.
You are a beautiful being.
You bring so much to life.
The more you feel that is true, the more you bring to life.


All Of Your Joy In Your Life Is A Result Of Your Cause

What is your Cause?

What is your purpose?

What makes you feel alive?

Yes, there are as many individual Causes as there are individuals.

Yours is Unique to You.

What brings you Joy, and what drives you to excel is very personal to you.

No matter what it is that drives you, please let me be the first to congratulate you in recognizing God is your life.

All of Life is made up of God/Life/Energy - Your Cause (no matter what it appears to be) is God.

All of our Joy is a Result of Our Cause - God.

Isn’t it wonderful to know that every Result in life comes from God.


War Comes From God?

Every Result comes from God.

God is not a being that watches over and judges us.

God is the Energy of Life that Allows us to watch over and judge ourselves.

God/Life/Energy is the Life Force that Sustains All That Is.

Anyone who asks why would God allow terrible things to happen, will one day discover that it is our responsibility to make Good things happen.

As Mother Teresa said so eloquently in her life to a reporter who asked how he could help her make peace in the world, “Go home and make peace in your family.”


Go Home And Make Peace In Your Family

All of your life is a result of your Cause.

Yes the Cause to All That Is is God.

However the Cause to Your Life experience is Your Choices about God/Life/Energy.

Make peace in your family. Especially with the family members that challenge you the most.

Find Joy within yourself when you look in your eyes in a mirror.

Take that Peace and Joy within yourself and protect it, cultivate it, and share it with the world.

Joy in your world starts with Joy within you.

Personal Joy is your personal Connection to what you love.

Find what you love and connect with it.

When you do, Joy will bubble forth from you, no matter what you are doing.