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More Joy - Being In-Joy                                                  

Being In-Joy

Being In-Joy is not something one thinks about.

Being In-Joy is something one Enjoys.

Being In-Joy is something one does by just having Fun.


You Do Remember How To Have Fun - Don’t You?

The funny thing about growing into adulthood is that we eventually forget how to have fun, unless we don’t, or until we remember.

Consider this, your reminder.

Have more Fun!

I meet so many people in my life who have a harried sense of pressure about them.

Not enough time!

Not enough money!

Not enough resources! (The people, places, and things necessary to accomplish whatever it is a person desires)

Because they Feel that - they activate that in their Creation Vibration.

I have done it too - too often to count.


Relax Life Is Working Out Just As You Have Planned

Relax more.

Relax more because God/Life/Energy knows what you want.

If you have written down your requests in the first person present tense, then God/Life/Energy is Now Here with whatever it is that you want, so you can Relax more.

Relax more!
Enjoy more!
Be In-Joy more!

When you are Relaxed, when you are In-Joy, you perceive the nudges, you hear the still small voice within, you experience God Giving Ongoing Direction in your life that says:
“Try this just for the fun of it.”
“Go there just for the fun of it.”
“Talk to this person just for the fun of it.”

You will never know unless you try, go, or talk just for the fun of it.


Think Less Feel More

In fact, many people think too much.

We try to figure out everything before it happen so that we can have fun when it does.

All we are doing is thinking - which sets our Creation Vibration at thinking.

Think Less and Feel More.

If all we are doing is Being In-Joy - this sets our Creation Vibration at Being In-Joy.


Are You Stopping You?

I cannot stop you.
I cannot control you.
I cannot change you.
I cannot make you do anything I choose.

You can.

Only you can stop (or start) you
Only you can control you.
Only you can Change you.
Only you can make yourself do anything you Choose.


If Your Life Is What You Have Always Dreamed . . .

Then congratulations, you have discovered the path of Being In-Joy.

If your life is on the way towards being everything you have always dreamed, then congratulations, you have discovered the path of Being In-Joy.

If you are wondering why?
If you are trying to figure it out?
If you are stuck looking for the answer?

Let go and Let God provide more answers for you.


Right Now, God Is Speaking To You Through this Text

You either accept that as true,
or you get a sense of that,
or you totally deny that concept.

No matter what you see, it shows you what your beliefs are set at . . .


Your Feelings of Being In-Joy Align with Being, Doing, and Having experiences just for the Fun of them.