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More Joy - Joy Is Your Compass                                   

Joy Is Your Compass

If you are feeling Joyful you are moving towards the experience of your personal dreams as you have defined them.

Define your dreams Consciously and your life will become as incredible as you have defined it.

There is no ending to this process, you will continue to Define and then Align for your entire life.

And you will have to grow into the person you need to be to Align with your incredible life as you Define it.


Define And Align - Follow Your Bliss

If you Feel Good, you are connecting to your experience of God/Life/Energy in your fullness.

Define the experiences that would be totally Blissful to you.

You can Define your Bliss unconsciously or Consciously.

Define your Bliss Consciously!
Align with your Bliss Consciously!

Only you can start you.
Only you can control you.
Only you can Change you.
Only you can make yourself do anything you Choose.

No one else is going to make you do anything.
No one else is going to hand you your dreams fully Manifest as you Define them.

Others may play a hand in your Manifested Life, but no other person Manifests your entire experience.

Not even God.

God Manifests All That Is.
You Choose wether you Align with God or not.

You get to Choose your life.
You have to Choose your life, for it to come to pass.

Define your Life as you Choose.
Align with your Life as your Choose.

You and only you can make this Choice for yourself.


So What Are You Waiting For?

Are you waiting for an invitation?
Are you waiting for it to be easy?
Are you waiting for all the conditions to be right?

If you are waiting for any or all or even a different call to action - here it is.


You asked me to say this to you (at this very moment in your life).

You asked LIFE to say this to you.

Here it is . . .

This is your invitation!
This can be as easy or as hard for you through your thoughts about it all!
This moment in time has all of the right conditions to Manifest the life that you dream of!

It may seem totally not so - but that is just a belief that you can lovingly bless and release.


Suffering Is Optional

You can continue to suffer, or you can become a Surfer.

Surf the waves of your life - as you have created them for your personal growth experience.

Have Fun as you grow into the person who can sustain the life you have Defined for yourself.

Suffering just reminds you that your thoughts are focused on what you see as not possible.

Surfing says that your thoughts are focused on riding the wave of life to your perfect Defined Life.


Surfing Is Optimal

See your life more as it is.

Life is a Vacation.

Life is a department store stocked with everything you could ever want and more.

Life is a schmorgesborg with everything you could ever eat in your life.

Surf life more.

Have fun more.

Follow your Bliss more.

Joy is your Compass only when you choose to see life that way.

You always get to Choose.