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More Joy - Intend Joy                                                  

Intend Joy

Life is supposed to be Joyful.

Suffering is optional.

In Society today, many choose that very option.

I have chosen it at different times.

I bet you have chosen it at different times too.


What Time Is It Now Here?

The only moment of Creation we have access to is Right Here Right Now.

I Intend Joy Right Here Right Now.

When I AM in a state of Grace and feel my Connection with All That Is, it is very easy to Intend Joy.


Sometimes This Choice Seems Far Away

Too often when I feel agitated or frazzled or angry or any bad feeling that disconnects me from my Belief in my Connection with God/Life/Energy, I intend anything other than Joy.

When I see things that appear to be different from what I would Choose, I allow myself to disconnect.

Whatever there is in my life that seems to be the exact opposite of what I would choose to express, I find I push against what appears instead of Intending Joy.

By example, when someone in life acts in a way that I find objectionable, then I disconnect from my Joy, by focusing on their lack (my opinion of their lack that is), I actually activate my Creation Vibration to match my perception of their Energy Use.


My Focus Sets My Energy Level - My Creation Vibration

If I see Violence and I say that is bad, I have set my Creation Vibration at the Energy Level of Violence, and thus I shall experience more of it at some level.

If I see Violence on Television - and I push against what I see, I Set my Creation Vibration and I shall experience more of it on Television.

If I see Violence in Person - and I push against what I see, I Set my Creation Vibration and I shall experience more of it in Person.

Unless and until I Purposely and Consciously Intend Joy - I shall experience more of whatever I focus upon.

Taking this example further, if I see Violence on Television - I can in the moment send my love to the situation, “Blessings of Love on my perception of this situation.”. I have not denied Violence or accepted Violence, I have Set my Creation Vibration to Love as my Energy Use. Then I change the television program and Intend Joy and I Align with more Joy watching another program.


Intend Joy

I am always at Choice.

I love Intending Joy.

I get to Choose my energy use each and every moment of my life.

I Intend Joy.