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More Joy - Intimate Joy                                                  

Intimate Joy

How is your Intimate Relationship?

Are you Joyful?

Does the Joy from your Relationship with God/Life/Energy bubble over from your Core into your Intimate Relationship?

Would you love to experience more personal joy with your Intimate Partner?


Most People Have Experienced Intimate Joy At One Time

Every thing you experience in an Intimate Relationship is a reflection of how you feel in your Core Relationship with God/Life/Energy.

For example, if you feel totally Loved, Successful, Abundant, Peaceful, Healthy, and Joy within yourself, then your Self-Esteem is generally very high.

You feel that God/Life/Energy is on your side.

The dreams you have are coming into place.

And each moment, you easily focus on what works and know beyond a doubt that all you dream is coming to fruition.

When you feel that total Completeness, you easily roll with what comes to you.


When Something Challenging Comes . . .

You are ready for it.

You look at every challenge and you are peaceful.

You know, “This too shall pass.”

It is uncanny.

Deep within you, you feel a confidence and look at life’s challenges, not from a place of disconnection, you come from a place of wholeness and complete Connection.


Supporting Intimate Joy

The most effective way to Support Intimate Joy, is to make sure that you are coming from a place of Core Joy.

Core Joy is simply making sure that you feel Joy in your Core. This feeling is a result of saying “Yes” to yourself first.

When you say “Yes” to yourself, to your Joy, to your Dreams, to your Desires, you fill your cup full with the Joy of your life.

The more you are able to say “Yes” to what is important to you, and “No” to what, in the moment, may hinder your total access to your Joy, the quicker you are able to Allow more Joy in all areas of your life.

This is far from selfish, because once your cup is full, it is very easy to maintain it’s richness.

When it is very easy to keep your Joy full and rich, then you have an Abundance of Joy to share with others.


Love Of The Self Creates More Love

With a full and vibrant cup of Joy, your life is personally Whole and Complete. Being personally Whole and Complete, sets your Creation Vibration to Whole and Complete.

A Creation Vibration of Whole and Complete Attracts Whole and Complete experiences.

Your life is a reflection of your Creation Vibration.

If you are experiencing a lack of Joy in your Intimate Relationships, you have not Created a space for your personal Joy, and fostered the expansion of your personal Joy.

Let me be the first to say, your personal Joy Attracts all the Joy in the rest of your life.


Let’s Say Your Partner Is Lacking Joy

I am certain that you have experienced an example in your life wherein you asked yourself the question, “Why is my partner so miserable?” And because of their misery, you found yourself out of Alignment with your Joy as you desperately tried to help your partner get back to Joy.

I love the work of author Byron Katie. Katie (as she is called) says that all suffering is a result of personal thoughts. Katie says that all peace and relief is also a result of personal thoughts. In her work, Katie asks four questions and one turn around statement.

I include her four simple questions and turn around for your benefit
(all are ©opyright, Byron Katie)

1. Is it True?
2. Can you know that it absolutely true?
3. How do you react when you think this thought?
4. Who would you be without the thought? - Who would you be without your story?
5. Then turn around your original belief to provide new insights.

Please check out Byron Katie’s website for more information www.thework.com

If we use this process with our thought “Why is my partner so miserable?” we would arrive at something like the following:

“Why is my partner so miserable?”
1. Is it true? (If “no” go to #3)
2. Can you know that it is absolutely true?
3. How do you react when you think this thought?
“It totally takes the wind out of my sails - every time. I go from Joyful to miserable.”
4. Who would you be without the thought? - Who would you be without your story?
“Joyful. Peaceful. Happy.”
5. Then turn around your original belief to provide new insights.
“Why am I so miserable?”
1. Is it true? (The whole Inquiry process starts all over again)

Your Inner Awakening by Byron KatieNo matter how much money, status, professional success, or other types of external security one may have, very few people experience true joy and personal freedom. Byron Katie knows this reality too well. In the midst of a "normal and successful" life, Katie became increasingly depressed, and over a ten-year period sank further into rage and despair. Then, one morning in 1986, out of the blue, she had a sudden, profound insight into how the mind works.


So What Does This Say About Intimate Relationships?

All Intimate Relationship Joy is not the Result of what your Partner does.

All Intimate Relationship Joy is the Cause of what you do.

All Intimate Relationship Joy Responds to your Creation Vibration.

When you are Whole and Complete, your Joy attracts Whole and Complete Experiences.


What If That Is Not My Experience?

Whenever we focus on changing ourselves, we find that we can change our thoughts about our life and change our life experience in the process.

Whenever we focus on changing others, we find that we cannot Control others, and we stay in a place of disconnection from our Joy.

Focus on your Joy, and your Joy manifests.

When you focus on your personal Joy, you Change your Creation Vibration. As a result you Attract different people into your life.


Falling Apart Or Falling Into Place

It may seem that your Relationships at many levels are falling apart, but in actuality new Relationship are preparing to fall into place.

By example, if you were ever in a relationship where you “yelled” at each other to solve problems. And seeing that “yelling” did not work, you changed the way you approached problems and then used “discussion” to solve problems, then a change would come into your Intimate Relationship. If your partner changed with you, then you would grow into a Intimate Relationship that solved it’s differences through “discussion”. If your partner choose to still use “yelling”, your Relationship would eventually dissolve.

Another way to say this is that you had a “yelling” Creation Vibration to solve problems. Then you Choose a “discussion” Creation Vibration to solve your problems. With a new Creation Vibration you would attract others who use “discussion” to solve problems. Your original “yelling” partner would either change with you or move away from you. If they moved away from you, someone new, who matched your “discussion” Creation Vibration would move towards you.

All of life works just like this.

Your life is a mirror of your thoughts and beliefs about it.

Believe in more Intimate Joy.