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More Love - More Core Love                                          

More Core Love

All the love that I AM ever going to experience in my life is Present within me Right Now.

God/Life/Energy is Infinite Love awaiting my Attention.

Wherever I place my Attention, in the moment I also place my Intention.

Each and every person on the planet has the ability to Choose to Focus God/Life/Energy through themselves in any way they Choose Right Now.

This is the Only Moment of Creation you have access to — what are you Accessing Right now?

I Imagine because you are reading this that you are either open to what is being said, or closed to it. Either way, you are right (and correct) where you Choose to be.

I Choose to Believe that because you are reading this you are open and you are discovering the potential More Core Love presents in your life.


More Core Love Creates Love Extraordinary

You are the Perceiver of Love in your life. You are the Receiver of Love in your life. Only You Choose Your Experience of Love in your life.

Experience is Neutral.
Perception is Everything.

Love Extra Ordinary: Love you Perceive is Extra Ordinary (better than ordinary or usual).

Love Extraordinary: Love you Perceive is Extraordinary (beyond what is ordinary or usual)

Right Now take a few moments to remember a time in your life where you felt Pure Love; Pure Extraordinary Love.

This could have been any time in your life, recent or distant in memory, where you felt and knew absolutely that everything was going to be alright.

This could have been a time in nature, or on a trip, or with a loved one, or when something went right (after so many things had gone wrong), or with an animal or pet, or at a sunrise or sunset.

There is some Love Extraordinary experience that you have had. Take a few moments to recall and remember the feelings of Love you felt — You Feel Right Now.

Stop this exercise Right Now — Take a deep breath — Live in the Extraordinary Love as you recall it — Then come back to this point — There’s no rush — Take as much time as you like — Enjoy — Breathe — Remember — Live — Give Yourself this gift Right Now — Play with this — Get goose bumps — Tingles up your spine — or Choose another memory until you do.

Welcome Back! How was that? Did you feel the power of Extraordinary Love surging through you?

I hope you did, because that is your Natural Presence. Love Extraordinary is your Eternal Beingness. Your Eternal Beingness is always Focused upon Love Extraordinary no matter what situation is present in your life. You can embody Love Extraordinary as Your Life when you Choose to.

Your Eternal Beingness Focuses on the Knowledge that everything is perfect.
Your Eternal Beingness Focuses on the Love Extraordinary present within everyone.
Your Eternal Beingness Focuses on the Joy and Potential and Fulfillment of everything you desire.

Whatever you desire, Your Eternal Beingness Knows it is a done deal. When you Ask for, Align with, Allow, and Accept whatever you desire as yours, it is a done deal. Because when you ask for something and you Know absolutely that it is present for you, All of Life Manifests everything you desire.


More Core Love Extraordinary

So Ask for, Align with, Allow, and Accept your Eternal Beingness as your guide. Call your Eternal Beingness whatever you like — I like to call it God/Life/Energy.

When you Consciously Ask for God/Life/Energy to be your guide — it is so.
When you Consciously Align with God/Life/Energy as your guide — it is so.
When you Consciously Allow God/Life/Energy to be your guide — it is so.
When you Consciously Accept God/Life/Energy as your guide — it is so.

Whatever God/Life/Energy means to you, that is what you place in your Core.
Whatever is in your Core, radiates out into your other Relationship Rings.

You Are Creating Your Own Experience Every time.


Meditate/Contemplate/Appreciate/Enjoy/Love — God/Life/Energy

Whatever you Contemplate your energize into your life. Same goes for Appreciate, Enjoy, Love, Think about. If you take time each day to Consciously Activate your Creation Vibration as God/Life/Energy you become more like your Source.

Meditation is a wonderful way to be one with God/Life/Energy. Meditation is about Listening to what God/Life/Energy wishes you to hear. The best way to hear what God/Life/Energy wishes you to hear is to quiet your Thoughts. Only though quieting your Thoughts can you hear what is being said to you by your Source. If you do this a few times each day for 5 - 15 minutes each time you will discover a renewed perspective on life.

Many influential people of the past and present have discovered their greatest Thoughts through mediation and listening to what Life wanted them to hear. Some called this Source, God. Others called this Source, Inspiration or any other name they Chose in order to access it.


Forms of Core Love 

To Focus on God/Life/Energy as your Core Love is easiest when you are at a higher state of Awareness as to your place with God/Life/Energy.

Not all people are ready for this level of Core Love.

Core Love may be a simple as taking a few minutes for yourself each day.

Core Love may be spending some time listening to music you love, or spending time with a beloved pet, or watching a movie that makes you laugh.

The importance of Core Love is that it will set up the basis of your Creation Vibration. The More Core Love you can sprinkle into your inner life, the More Core Love you will have to share in your outer life.


Core Love Becomes Outer Love

Whatever your Core Love is set at on a moment to moment basis Sets your Creation Vibration which Attracts your Outer Love Experiences.

To know what your overall Core Love is Set At, you need only look at the experiences you are having in your world to understand.

Awareness encourages you to Consciously Create Your Own Experience.

Only when you are Aware of What Is can you Consciously Create What You Wish To Be.

Seeing something that you wish were different, is only there for you to be gentle on yourself and to Focus on what you want, rather than what appears to be.


What You Focus On Becomes Your Life

You are the only one who needs to understand this concept.

You don’t have to Focus for your partner/spouse, or for your kids, or for your friends, or for anyone else.

No one has to agree with where you are focusing for it to Create your Reality.

Only you are responsible for your life.

If you have what would appear to be a selfish Focused determination on what it is that you want, it will come to pass if you believe that it can. So could many other things, that would not support your present relationships in the forms that they are. If your selfish Focused determination includes the joy of others, then your relationships maybe unaffected.

When you co-create with partner/spouse, or kids, or friends, then all of your energy will work together. Many times this form of Creation can be very powerful.


What You Focus On Becomes Your Life!

This concept, more than any other is the key to your life.

If you Focus on Success, Success becomes your life.
If you Focus on Love, Love becomes your life.
If you Focus on pain, pain becomes your life.
If you Focus on the news, the news becomes your life.
If you Focus on Health, Health becomes your life.
If you Focus on Peace, Peace becomes your life.
If you Focus on war, war becomes your life.
If you Focus on unhelpful kids, unhelpful kids become your life.
If you Focus on Joy, Joy becomes your life.
If you Focus on Pleasure, Pleasure becomes your life.
If you Focus on God/Life/Energy, God/Life/Energy becomes your life.

And this list goes on and on with all the things you Focus upon.

If you Focus on ____________, ____________ becomes your life.

Your life experience is a result of your Focus.

Only you can Focus in your life. You think about everything that you think about by your Choice.

Another person may mention something to you, but you don’t have to Focus upon it, unless you Choose to.

You life experience is Always and Only your Choice.