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More Love - More World Love                                        

More World Love

Most people only ever experience World Love through books and the media or other people sharing.

If you are one of the lucky ones who has traveled around the world, or someone who takes at least one flight further than 500 miles you are in the minority in the world. If you do that on an annual basis you are among the Wealthy - compared to the entire world.


Big Beautiful World

There are hundreds of countries.
Thousands of languages.
Millions of cities and towns.
Billions of people.
Trillions of ideas.

Our world is so big and beautiful, we forget the wonder that is contains. We live in a world that is able to sustain our life, nourish our bodies and souls, and continue to grow and develop with or without us.



We are physical forms of Our Eternal Beingness. We are capable of transforming our world through our Thoughts about our world.

The world is just a collection of personally chosen illusions.

These illusions allows us to Be God/Life/Energy through our Presence.

Do you suppose that the world you know is shared by all others?

Do you imagine the same world that I do?

I understand that we each experience the totality of life through our individual perception (illusion).


The World Is Perfect Right Now

Is it possible that the illusions of the World are Perfect Right Now just the way they are?

Is it possible that there is nothing wrong with the world except thinking makes it so?

Is it possible that God/Life/Energy is present in the world when we see, contemplate, imagine, and believe in that Perfection?

Is it possible that when we Think About, Feel About, and Talk About our world as anything other than God/Life/Energy, we use the very Pure Potential God/Life/Energy to form whatever we Focus upon?

Is it possible that there is a whole lot more going on in our Physical Earth Experience than meets the eyes?