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More Wealth - You Are Worth More                              

You Are Worth More

Right Now you have a Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, and Financial Value attached to you entire life.

Right Now your experience of Wealth equals what you Believe you are Worth.

So how much are you worth Right Now?

Do you have Perfect Health?
Do you have Mental Power?
Do you have Emotional Strength?
Do you have Spiritual Faith?
Do you have Financial Freedom?

Do you each meet and exceed the levels you Desire?


If You Can Conceive It And Believe It, You Can Achieve It

Napoleon Hill said over and over again through all his work that anyone could achieve anything they could conceive and believe.

Embody that idea and it can transform your life.

Conceive It.
Believe It.
Achieve It. 


It Can Be Anything You Desire

You are Worth more than you have ever Imagined.

Each and every person alive is Worth more than they have ever Imagined.

The ideas presented here, are designed to fire your mind with new concepts so that you can ...

Conceive It - It can be anything you Desire.

Believe It - You can have anything you Desire if you believe you can.

Achieve It - You can, through thinking and believing. 


How Much More Do You Want To Be Worth?

How much more Health do you desire?
How much more Intelligence do you desire?
How much more Confidence do you desire?
How much more Patience do you desire?
How much more Money do you desire?

Conceive It
Believe It
Achieve It


I Never Said It Would Be Easy

Napoleon Hill never said it would be easy either.

Both of us promise you that life is fair. If you put effort into life, you get results out of life.

If you put ineffective effort into life, you will get ineffective results out of life.

I never said that it would be easy.

Now I AM also saying that it does not have to be hard either. 


Resist ‘What Is’ AND You Resist ‘Your Dreams’

If you do not have your dreams yet, it is because you energy is going towards other things over your dreams. One of the biggest ways you place your energy anywhere else than on your dreams is by “Resisting What Is”.

When you Resist ‘What Is’ in your experience, you are essentially Setting your Creation Vibration at “Resisting What Is”.

What are the things that you are Resisting in your experience?

Your Partner/Spouse’s requests for help around the house?
Your Kid’s fighting each other?
Your Family’s desires for you to be a certain way?
Your Friend’s demanding that you get together more often?
Your Work’s demanding of you to work overtime?
Your Communities’ rising Real Estate Values, and increased crime rate?
Your Countries’ political position or lack of it?
Your World’s seemingly downward spiral on many levels?

You have heard the idea, ‘Whatever you resists, persists’. Hopefully now, you understand, better than ever before why this happens.


I Promise You That Life Is Fair

Your life experience is a result of your Energy use.

If you are experiencing a poor financial position, then you Financial Energy use is ineffective.

If anyone has accomplished something you wish to accomplish, it is possible through effective use of your Energy use.

Your Thoughts, Feelings, Words, and Actions add up to your life Experience.

Accept that you are Responsible for everything you have and do not have in your life and you can change your results.

Only you can accept your life as it exists, as well as, accept the Responsibility to change your life. 


No One Else Can Effect Your Life - Unless You Say So

Everything in your life, is a result of you placing it there through your choices or leaving it there through your choices.

Conceive It: You Are Worth More
Believe It: You Are Worth More
Achieve It: You Are Worth More