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More Wealth - Assets vs Liabilities                                

Assets vs Liabilities

[n.] anything of material value or usefulness
[n.] a useful or valuable quality
[n.] something that puts money into your pocket (definition from Rich Dad Poor Dad)

[n.] possession that is owed to someone else
[n.] something that holds one back
[n.] something that takes money our of your pocket (definition from Rich Dad Poor Dad)


Most Everything Can Be An Asset Or Liability


It depends on how you utilize things in your life that makes them an Asset or Liability. 


Perception Is Everything

On the material side of things, there is a duality between Asset and Liability.

On the spiritual side of things, everything can be an Asset.

If something doesn’t go the way you want (liability), you change your perception to Create an (Asset). 


That Is The Reason Successful People Are Found Everywhere

No matter the circumstance, successful people can flourish. It is not the circumstance that makes the person a success. It is a person’s attitude that makes them a success no matter the circumstance.

Victor Frankl is a prime example, his experience in a Nazi Concentration Camp led him to find inner strength and then wrote about it in Man’s Search For Meaning.

“If a prisoner felt that he could no longer endure the realities of camp life, he found a way out in his mental life - an invaluable opportunity to dwell in the spiritual domain, the one that the SS were unable to destroy. Spiritual life strengthened the prisoner, helped him adapt, and thereby improved his chances of survival.” - - Victor Frankl


Our Biggest Asset ...

Is our perception - our ability to place Meaning in our life.

No matter what appears in our life, we can place meaning into it that builds an Asset for us.

More valuable than physical Assets are Mental Assets.

The loss of physical Assets can prove devastating to anyone without strong mental Assets.

While a person with Strong Mental Assets could loose all physical Assets and still go on to replace them. 


Mental Assets

Your ability to think effectively.
Your ability to perceive effectively.

These Mental Assets set up a structure that lead to the accomplishment of anything you choose.

Conceive It!
Believe It!
Achieve It!