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More Wealth - Efficient Or Effective                              

Efficient or Effective

Success is easier than most people allow it to be.

If you want to be successful, all you need to do is find someone who is successful in the area you desire to be successful, and copy exactly what they do.

This works very easily for a business like real estate. Perhaps you work for a successful real estate investor. You ask a million questions to understand every choice they make. Then you use that knowledge to duplicate it.

This is not as easy for a business like McDonalds. There are so many factors that go into the particular success stories that are out there today. Each success story has the ability to provide you with another piece of your success puzzle.

The reason most people miss being successful, is that they try to copy a success formula, without knowing all the puzzle pieces, or by changing the puzzle pieces before they have successfully completed the puzzle in front of them.



What is most efficient, is not always what is most effective.

The entire human condition works towards efficiency. Some would say that the entire human condition works towards laziness.

What appears as laziness in the journey to success is some person’s attempt at being efficient. I am not saying that doing nothing is efficient. I am saying that some attempts at efficiency come across as lazy. 


Less Work And Easy Results

People who desire to be more efficient also want to work less and have easy results. If given a choice between more work and hard results and less work and easy results, most everyone would take the less work and easy results option.

However most people take the less work and easy results option before they have reached a level of success. 



If you desire to be effective, then efficiency may be a part of the equation (and it may not as well).

To be effective in the wealth game, most wealthy people do whatever works to get results. Rarely does doing whatever works to get results involve efficiency (at first).

Effectiveness to get results usually involves a lot of trial and error. Many successful wealthy people have to try everything in their power to create results that work. Without a proven track record, people have to convince everyone of the value in their project. They have to convince family, friends, coworkers, clients, financiers, and everyone else who crosses their path.

That hardly seems efficient.


What Result Do You Desire?

If you wish to Create an experience of great wealth in your life, then you may have to do everything in your power to create the result you desire.

Will you do whatever works to get results?

Of course, it goes without saying, that you will do whatever works to get results that benefit everyone your product/service/work touches. 


Life Supports You Always In All Ways

Whatever it is that you desire to accomplish, God/Life/Energy guides you towards the fulfillment of your desires.

1. Define your desires
2. Make it fun to foster
3. Follow your feelings

When you have a clear destination; when you work daily to move towards your desire; when you make it a fun experience to foster; when you follow your feelings; God/Life/Energy is supporting you all the way.

No matter what appears to be, when all the pieces to the puzzle you are creating are present, you will put them together and complete that puzzle and marvel at the beauty of each piece you collected to complete the journey.