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More Wealth - Inspired Actions                                     

Inspired Actions

Do you listen when you get Inspired Actions?

Some hear it as a still small voice.
Some feel it as a gut feeling.
Some see images that tell them what to do next.

No matter what indication you get, your Inspired Actions are meant to be followed..


God Giving Ongoing Direction

For me I call the still small voice I hear God Giving Ongoing Direction. For me God Gives Ongoing Direction through suggesting what I can be, do, or have just for the Fun of it.

My ego (emotionally guided opinions) suggests what I MUST be, do, or have because I win with it or I lose without it. There is always a sense of desperation associated with my ego, as in “this opportunity is going to pass me by”.

God Giving Ongoing Direction always has an air of Fun associated with it. Even though it is fun, this Fun can be push me past . . . 


My Comfort Zones

My Comfort Zones are the areas where fear is partially associated.

Fear can be extreme when we are feeling in danger, but most often it is just fear (feelings eroding away reality) of situations.

God Giving Ongoing Direction suggests many things in our life that we can be, do, or have just for the Fun of it.

God does not worry about what experience we have in a certain area (we do).
God does not worry about what knowledge we have about a particular field (we do).
God does not worry about what could possibly go wrong (we do).
God does not worry (we do). 


God Is Confident

God Giving Ongoing Direction gives us Inspired Actions because they are going to help us achieve the dreams we have for our life.

These Inspired Actions may not manifest our dream immediately, but they give us the next piece to build the puzzle that is our dream life.

We are only given the very next piece in our journey with God Giving Ongoing Direction.

We are not given the entire treasure map. If we were given the entire treasure map, would we make the right steps to get to the treasure, or would we become lazy because of what we thought we were entitled to?


Why Worry?

Ask yourself this timeless question, “Why worry?”

And this one, "Does your worrying help you in any way?"


Take Inspired Action

Now ask yourself, “When am I going to take Inspired Action?”

I believe that life is set up to make you (and everyone) a complete success.

I believe that life provides Inspired Actions when the pieces for your greatest advancement are in place.

I believe that the sooner you take the Inspired Actions presented to you, the sooner you build your dreams as you have defined them.

Even if you do not act when it is being suggested that you act, other opportunities shall come your way.

As Abraham-Hicks states, “You never get it wrong and you never get it done.”

1. Define what you desire
2. Make it a Fun experience to foster
3. Listen as your feelings explain your progress