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More Success - Choose Success                                    

Choose Success

What if you knew that you could Choose Success?

Would You Choose Success?

What does Success even mean to you? Do you know?

Is it money, houses, cars, or trips?
Is it loving relationships?
Is it joyful moments in time?
Is it happiness in everything you do?

Have you defined you idea of Success? Have you defined your dreams?

Only you can define your dreams.

Have you done that whole Goal-setting-dream-charting-thing and been totally jazzed and then totally despaired when nothing seemed to happen?

Are there some dreams that you have been dreaming for years? 5 years? 10 years? 20 years? More? Do you ever ask God/Life/Energy why you were given these dreams that taunt you for all these years without giving you relief?

What if you could achieve being a success easier now than you have ever been before?

Would You Choose Success?


What Would You Do If You Knew You Would Succeed?


Whatever you just answered to that question START doing it today! At whatever level is possible for you, start doing it today.

KNOW with absolute certainty that you are going to Succeed (because you are going to).

How can I say this? I can say thing because I know your potential. I know that you are God/Life/Energy in form. I know that anything you Set your Heart, Mind, and Being to you are going to accomplish. I know this because absolutely everything that you have Set you Heart, Mind, and Being to (in your past) you have accomplished.

You know that is true.

If you don’t feel as confident as I AM about your potential, then start LEARNING what you think you need to still Learning.

People stop themselves over very small things - time, money, resources, or connections.

Here’s what I have to say about those very small things:

TIME: If you make a 1 hour commitment a day to your dreams, then at the end of the year you will have committed 365 hours to your dreams. By example, if you want to write a book, and you write only one page a day for your hour, in one year’s time you would have written a first draft for your book of 365 pages.

MONEY: If you stop yourself because you think you need money to do what you want to do, you will join the very large group of people who stop themselves with that simple belief. By example, if you want to make a film, at only one hour a day, you could write a script, audition actors (who volunteer their service in exchange for a copy of the finished film), get a group of film crew people who can volunteer (with their own equipment), and all of a sudden you have made a film without money.

RESOURCES: So there is something you need to do a project. Many say, “I need money.”, or “I need people.”, or “I need something.” If you ask yourself the question, “How can I accomplish my project without this resource?” at least one idea is going to come to mind. Follow that idea to wherever it leads and never give up. KNOW with absolute certainty that you are going to Succeed (because you are going to).

CONNECTIONS: If you are stopping yourself because you say you don’t know the right people to help you accomplish your goals, ask yourself “How can I find the best people to help me accomplish my dreams?” Ideas are going to come to you. Take Inspired Actions and follow them to wherever they lead and never give up. KNOW with absolute certainty that you are going to Succeed (because you are going to).

FEAR: Feelings Eroding Away Reality. You fear is only your thoughts and feelings eroding away at your dreams, nothing else. When you feel fearful, in that moment, you are Setting your Creation Vibration 100% to lack of your dreams. Only you can do that. Only you can Change that. Choose a thought that speaks of your Joy and your Potential and your 100% Commitment.


Choose Success Consciously 

Choose Success in your Thoughts.
Choose Success in your Feelings.
Choose Success in your Words.
Choose Success in your Actions.

You can Choose Success Consciously.
You can Choose Success Automatically.
You can Choose Success Absolutely every time you want to.

If, up until today, you have struggled to Choose Success, ask yourself ...

“How can I Choose Success Consciously, Automatically, and Absolutely every time I want to?”

As with all questions you ask to God/Life/Energy, you are going to get answers to your questions and only you can Choose Success by following your Inspired Advice from God Giving Ongoing Direction in your life that encourages you to be, do, have, or experience things just for the fun of them.

There is nothing you need to be, do, have, or experience, but you can be, do, have, and experience everything you Choose.