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More Freedom - Personal Freedom                               

Personal Freedom

You are Free to Create YOUR Life As you Choose.

I stress the word ***YOUR***, because YOUR life is the only life you ultimately control.

For example, you may have Created a Child as a part of your life experience, but your child has control over their life.

You have control over yours.

When you are struggling with your child, whose life are you trying to control.

When you try to control anyone else’s life, you experience trying times.


Free Will

I like the way Author and Psychic Sylvia Browne describes Free Will in her books.

Free Will is something we have in Totality on the other side  (in the non-physical) when we are not in human form. On the other side, we are able to view, all of our previous Lives, and the Spiritual Growth and Learning we are experiencing with and for God and the Chart we Created for our Current Life experience. The Chart we Created has at is heart only ONE Major and ONE Minor lesson. It is from our Vantage Point on the other side that we Chose our current life experience with the help of many beings - none of whom had any say in our life, just advice for us.

On earth, our Free Will is governed by the Chart we wrote for our lives before we incarnated. Our Chart is the written document of our agreement with God about the lessons we Chose to grow through in our present life experience. Our Free Will is limited to the parameters of our Chart.

See, if we had Total Free Will - then we could say, “I AM Richer by $1,000,000 Right Now" and it would appear.

And, if we have written that ability in our Chart, it does.

That is the reason that some have incredible experiences with finances.
That is the reason that some have incredible experiences with relationships.
That is the reason that we each have incredible experiences with some areas in our lives.

Our experiences may seem to pale in comparison to the experiences of others, but our experiences allows us to learn and grow in our understanding of God/Life/Energy just as we planned before we began this life.


So Where Is The Free Will In That Belief?

This belief about a Chart we set for our life before we incarnate is all about Free Will.

If we could do anything (and we can in accordance with our Chart), then we are able to Manifest a Whole and Complete life as we experience it.

We are able to Manifest a Whole and Complete life being Rich or Poor or Healthy or Crippled or through any other form our life currently takes.

We need only align with Feeling Good.

Our Chart along with our experience of our Chart in this life time gives us our individual Feeling Good Preferences.

I like the things I like because my Chart defines who my birth family and experiences are, particular experiences I have with family and community, and other experiences in order to help me grow in learning the ONE Major and ONE Minor lessons I have set before myself through my Chart.

I experience my use of Free Will through either Aligning with God/Life/Energy’s guidance in my life or not.

I get to act with God or act without God.

Ultimately, God/Life/Energy is the support for all of life, so I can act in accord with my Chart (or not) by my thoughts about my life.


(Suffering) Freedom Is Always A Personal Choice

If you are experiencing suffering, it is a result of your inability to Align with YOU.

We suffer when we try to get others to Align with our ideas.
We suffer when we try to get experience to Align with our ideas.
We suffer when we think away from our Defined Desires.

We take our suffering personal and it is always personal because we inflict it on ourselves.

No one else inflicts suffering on us, no matter what appears to be.

That is the reason there are people who suffer in war torn countries, while other  people live In-Joy in those same countries.

That is the reason there are people who suffer when their family members do not do what they want, while other people live In-Joy in those same families.

That is the reason there are people who suffer financially living with a particular wage and demands on their money in a particular city, while other people life In-Joy and Abundance using the same wage and circumstances in the same city.


Personal Suffering Or Personal Freedom

If you are suffering, then there is something you believe that allows you to hold you away from your Freedom.

There is something you don’t know yet.
There is something you have not accepted yet.
There is something, the knowing of which, can change your life from suffering to Freedom.

Once you grow through this, you will be a stronger person, you will be a shining example for others.

Currently, you are an example of whatever you are an example of.

Is it Suffering through life?
Is it Surfing through life?

May one idea you have read today transform your life from:
suffering to ease,
suffering to freedom,
suffering to pleasure,
suffering to abundance, may you transform our personal
suffering to whatever it is that you would rather embody and experience today.