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More Health - Personal Health                                       

Personal Health

How healthy do you feel?

On a scale of 1 - 10, 10 being the absolute best.

Do you have any health concerns?

Have you taken care of those health concerns?

If not, why not? Fear? Laziness? Denial? Excuses?

An even better question to ask yourself is, “How can I get into the best possible physical health I desire and deserve?”


Does That Question Encourage You To Have Better Health?

If this question does not encourage your, ask yourself, “What question does encourage me?”

Only you can inspire yourself. Only you can change your experience of physical health from good to great (or from worse to better).

What does your ideal health look like?

This is not about age or ability (for the most part). This question is about, what would make your experience of physical health on a daily basis magnificent?

Do you imagine being able to walk comfortably?
Do you imagine being able to run regularly?
Do you imagine being able to run with the bulls in Spain?
Do you imagine being able to compete as a tri-athlete?


Only You Know What Ideal Physical Health Looks Like For You

If you are 50 lbs overweight, you will have to design a program that will encourage and inspire you to renewed physical freedom and health.

You will need to design a program that is fun in order to achieve your ideal health.
You will need to get advice from professionals who have achieved what you wish to achieve.

Most importantly, be easy on yourself, because where you are starting could be far from where you are going.


First You Have To Know Where You Want To Go

What does great physical health look like to you?

Until you have fully figured out what great physical health looks like to you, you will not be able to gage if you are on track.

You can design your guide to great physical health using these suggestions:

1. Clearly define your health goal.

2. Make it a fun program to follow (It is always more effective to design a program with a gain health focus, rather than a lose weight focus) Whatever you are focused upon you will continue to experience - gain health (health focus) or lose weight (weight focus) - which focus do you want?

3. Your feelings explain your progress. When you are feeling good working towards your clearly defined health focus goal, you know that you are on track to your health goal.


Let’s Say Your Health Goal Is . . .

“To have fun being physically fit at my ideal body weight”

Let’s say that you have 52 lbs to lose to achieve this goal.

To make this health journey fun you would design (with the help of a health professional who has achieved what you wish to achieve) a program suited to your interests and effective in accomplishing what you desire to accomplish.

1. This clearly defined health goal would involve better knowledge in healthy foods and healthy physical activities, with the increase of both. This program would also encourage the decrease of unhealthy foods and activities that you previously employed. This program would also involve beliefs and self-esteem that encourage this journey.

2. This FUN and PRACTICAL program would perhaps have a realistic 1 year goal. Too often people who say they want to be healthy after 20 years of unhealthy food and activities imagine that a 1 - 3 month diet (or any diet for that matter) will do the trick. When you design a FUN and PRACTICAL program with a realistic goal and support system, you can achieve anything. Now in one year, it is definitely possible to increase your healthy food and activity levels so that you would move towards your goal at 1 lbs a week or 2.3 oz a day. JUST 2.3 OZ a day.

3. Now every day, seeing your clearly defined goal in site, you will Feel Good when you are moving toward it, and feel bad when you are moving away from it. (In your past, you may have felt bad about your physical health, but without a clearly defined goal your bad feelings were wrapped up in a whole bunch of residual feelings of what you should or should not do, rather than in the moment feelings in reference to your clearly defined goal.


And This Example Is Referenced To Just Your Physical Health . . . 

There is also your Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Health.

By example, when MENTAL Health is your focus (and let’s say you wish to write a book) instead of putting it off for years, you make a commitment to have FUN writing 1 hour a day for 1 year with the goal of completing 1 page a day for 1 year. When you make it FUN (no pressure, only pleasure), you will discover that at the end of 1 year you will have a minimum of 365 pages (you could have more) and it will only have taken 1 hour out of your day.

Also by example, when EMOTIONAL Health is your focus - you wish to have a better relationship with family and friends - you make a commitment to have FUN reading books on relationships. If you read and take notes on the things that you believe will help you achieve your goal for as little as 1 hour a day for a year, you will have read for 365 hours (365 = 9 x 40 hour work weeks AND 5 additional hours). That is a major commitment to improved relationships or any other goal you work to Align with.

Also by example, when SPIRITUAL Health is your focus and you wish to have a better spiritual connection with All of Life. You make a commitment to study and practice spiritual principles for just one hour a day. You make it FUN. And at the end of the year you have a new perspective on your life and everyone in it.


Your Health Picture Changes Every Day

Your life is continually evolving. At no time does life stop or stay the same.

Sometimes life appears to be the same, but God/Life/Energy Creates similar circumstances in our life only by our focus upon similar Vibrations.

You can be, do, or have any experience your Choose. ANY EXPERIENCE! Take this idea to heart and Manifest your Desired Life.

If you wish to have better Personal Health - CHOOSE IT and CREATE IT!

Please remember that most likely you will have to Consciously change the Creation Vibration you have been (re)activating if you want a different health experience.