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More Sex - Allow Sex                                                      

Allow Sex

For many, the experience of passionate incredible Sex is something that they struggle to Allow.

For others, the experience of passionate incredible Sex is something that they think they Allow, but find themselves feeling a lack of spiritual connection through.

For some others, the experience of passionate incredible Sex is something that they could never Allow themselves.


What Did You Learn About Sex?

Even, and I would venture, Especially in today’s Immediate Gratification World, the ideas of Sexual experience are fueled by Fantasy.

Information about Sex is at an all time high.
Information about EVERYTHING is at an all time high.

However information is not experience.


Experience Is The Practical Application Of Information

The reason I say that Sexual experience is fueled by Fantasy, is because of plethora of information about Sex and Sexuality available today.

There is so much information available that it is easy to take that information and equate it to experience.

Just because a person sees a picture or hears an idea, does not make it into a fulfilling Sexual Experience.


“But It Feels Good?” You Say

Does it Really feel good?

When you look at that picture, or video, or hear an idea, does it always feel good?

Does it feel good in the beginning, middle, and end? Is there a variation of your feeling experience?

Is possible that your feelings are being generated by an overload of Information Stimulation?


There Is No Right Or Wrong, There Is Only Experience

I do not believe in a God that sits in judgement over us.

I believe in a God, that provides us with the frame work to experience life, and Allows us to judge ourselves.

I believe this is so through the human experience, and I believe this is so through the spiritual experience.

As a result, there is no right or wrong, there is only experience.

We get to judge ourselves through our experience.

Do you not already judge yourself through your experience?

I believe that is the way God/Life/Energy has designed our experience.


What Will You Say When You Are Asked To Grade Your Sexual Experience?

When you pass from this human life, back to Spiritual experience, and All That Is, God/Life/Energy, That Most Loving And Patient Presences Asks you,

“What did you do to Glorify All Of Us through your Sexual Experience?”

How do you think you will Grade Your Sexual Experience?

Only you know. Only you Grade Yourself.

There is no right or wrong, there is only experience.


Each Experience Adds Up To Your Life

When I ask you, “Are you Allowing yourself the most passionate loving Sexual Experiences that glorify All Of Us?”

I only wish you to look at your life and ...

1. Clearly Define Your Sexual Experience.
2. Make it a Fun experience to foster.
3. Listen to your Feelings, they explain your progress.


Then Allow Yourself To Experience Incredible Passionate Sexual Experiences

You may Redefine what you Desire.

No matter what you Desire, you only experience the glory of it by Allowing yourself to Experience Sex that lets you fully express who you desire to be.

Ask yourself, “Can you share you Clearly Defined Sexual Experiences with everyone, and in the face of their reactions, still feel Whole and Complete?”

And No, I am not asking you to do this.

I am asking, “Are you Completely able to Allow yourself to Experience God/Life/Energy’s Sexual Experiences for you in all their Glory.”