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More Sex - Experience Sex                                             

Experience Sex

Your Experience of Sex is also your most intimate Experience with God.

Stop and think about that!


Take a few moments, let those words sink in and really THINK about that concept.

Your Experience of Sex is also your most intimate Experience with God.


The Feelings Of Orgasm Are As Close To Feeling God As You Get

I am certain that you have heard that before, or felt that before, or thought that before.

How can something that feels so Good - be bad? (as some believe)
How can something that feels so Good - be Godless? (as some believe)

God is everywhere.
God is even (especially) there when you are having Sex (especially when You Invite God/Life/Energy into your Sexual Experience).


What Experience Of Sex With God Do You Desire?

Now that you have heard(for the first time or more) the idea that God is with you during the physical act of Sex, what experience of Sex with God do you Desire?

God Created Sex for Sex.

Sex can be for Procreation.
Sex can be for Recreation.

All forms of Sex go better with God.


Consciously Invite God Into Your Sex Life

Sex can be incredibly sexy with God.

If you doubt that, ask yourself why?

If you have never thought of inviting God into your sex life, ask yourself why not?


God Is Ever Present

God is there with you Always in All Ways.
However God is Present with you only when you are Conscious of God’s Presence.

Once you invite God’s Ever Present Presence into your Sexual Experience, you will discover something you may never have imagined, God is very Good with Sex.


Clearly Define Your Sexual Experience

1. Clearly Define Your Sexual Experience.
2. Make it a Fun experience to foster.
3. Listen to your Feelings, they explain your progress.

1. When you Clearly Define Your Sexual Experience, include God in your definition.
2. When you Include God, your life is more fun - try God, you’ll like God.
3. When you Include God, no longer will your Sexual Experience be one of shame or guilt, rather your Sexual Experience will be full of Pleasure and Passion.


Sexual Experience Gets Better With Age And Experience

Bringing God into your Sexual Experience is wonderful.

As you gain more experience with God’s Presence in your sex life, you discover that there is more Presence available to your Experience.