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More Sex - Sex And Spirituality                                     

Sex And Spirituality

God and Sex are not two separate entities.

God/Life/Energy is All That Is, All Of Us.

Every Experience you have, is for the glory of God.

If your every experience is not for the glory of God, ask yourself, “Why are you doing it?”

If you feel you can not bring God into your Sex Life, ask yourself, “Why not?”


Answer That Important Question

Many times people get involved in different experiences hoping to find peace and joy.

Sexual Experience is something that many hope to discover peace and joy within, however they get lost in the positions and the actions because they forget to bring God into it.

Sex and Spirituality empower each other.


Spiritual Sex

I have experienced spiritless sex and I have experienced Spiritual Sex, I can tell you that Spiritual Sex is incredible.

Spiritless sex seems incredible at first because we can attach any belief to our experience, and through believing it we experience it.

Just because we experience something does not mean that we are experiencing the everything of it.


There Is Always More

All the possibilities of life can never be experienced by one person.

This is the very reason why there are over 6 ½ Billion people on the planet experiencing their version of God/Life/Energy.

The more you are open to other possibilities in your life, the more you can experience other possibilities in your life.


Choose Pure Potential

Pure Potential God/Life/Energy is the Ultimate in Possibilities. Nothing is impossible with God.
Impossible => I-M-Possible => I AM Possible.

When you Consciously Align with God/Life/Energy, you Consciously Align with Pure Potential.

God/Life/Energy is the Pure Potential Possibilities Present within All Of Us.

When you Invite God into your Sex Life, you Invite Pure Potential into your Sex Life.


What If You Have Invited God In, But It Seems To Have Backfired?

If Consciously Inviting God into your Sexual Experience has backfired, then you have a problem.

You have a simple problem with your thinking.

God can do anything.

With God, You can do anything.

Without God, you can do many things.

With God, You can do ANYthing.

Whenever you Consciously Invite God into your Sexual Experience, yet it appears to limit your potential, know beyond a doubt that God’s Pure Potential is Limitless.


God Works In Starts And Love Its

Humans work in stops and limits

Human Society en mass has an incredible ability to work in stops and limits. Most humans see the reasons to stop and limit things easily. It’s the first thing that roles off of their tongues.

Whereas God/Life/Energy works in Starts and Love Its. God/Life/Energy encourages what to Start next. God/Life/Energy encourages what to Love.

In the arena of Spiritual Sex, God/Life/Energy has staying power encouraging Starts and Love Its.