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More Freedom - Right Livelihood Freedom                  

Right Livelihood Freedom

Are you working for a living?

Do you feel Free?

If you are working for a living, are you in your Right Livelihood?

When can feel Free and be working 80 hours a week, and be in your Right Livelihood.

When you are Free, you feel that you are called to do whatever it is that you are doing and it is accompanied by feelings of great Joy.



What does Freedom mean to you, in the area of work?

Does Freedom mean, never working?
Does Freedom mean, the ability to Create whatever you desire?
Does Freedom mean, having many others work on your dream with you?

Only you know what Freedom means to you.

If you are uncertain as to what Right Livelihood Freedom means to you, just look at your life experience Right Now. Whatever you are experiencing in your life Right Now is what you believe Life can provide for you Right Now.


Right Livelihood Freedom Has The Ability To Free You Totally

All of this information I share with you helps you to Gain Awareness, if you Choose it.

Awareness about what is possible, has the ability to shift what you experience.

When you were young I am certain that there were things that you experienced one particular way, until one day you witnessed another possibility. Upon seeing a new possibility, you set a new goal.

By example, can you remember what it was like before you rode a bike? Going from the ability of riding a bike with training wheels to riding a two wheeled bike was a whole new possibility. At first, you rode a bike on an angle because you leaned on a training wheel for support. Then, one day you said, “Enough, I want to ride a bike on two wheels.” Someone took off your training wheels. They ran along beside you and held the back of your seat as you practiced your new skill. Next, your support person no longer held on as you rode a two wheeled bike all on your own - until you crashed. If your crash was minor, you immediately got back on and with support you did it until you could ride a bike all on your own. If you crash was major, you took some time before you tried again. Once you had the Awareness of riding a bike without training wheels it was yours forever.


Right Now The Life Your Dream About Awaits Your Awareness Of It

You may dream about a particular type of work.

If you have a dream, God/Life/Energy has the ability to Manifest your dream for you.

Going from the Awareness of a dream to the Awareness of Living a dream is a leap only you can make for yourself.

No one is going to hand you your dream all complete and nicely wrapped up and say here you go.

You don’t want anyone to do such a thing, even though you might think you do.

You are just like a butterfly, in that you need to push your way though the cocoon of your growth, so that your wings are strong enough that you can fly.


Every Moment Helps You Build Your Awareness Of Your Right Livelihood Freedom

If you are in a job you do not like, it is helping you build your Awareness of your Right Livelihood Freedom.

If you hear about a job you do like, it is helping you build your Awareness of your Right Livelihood Freedom.

If you meet someone who is doing something you are just becoming Aware of for the first time, it is helping you build your Awareness of your Right Livelihood Freedom.

Every moment of your Life helps you build your Awareness of your Right Livelihood Freedom, and any other forms of Freedom you desire.

Physical Freedom
Mental Freedom
Emotional Freedom
Spiritual Freedom
Financial Freedom
Relationship Freedom
World Freedom


Right Now You Know More About Your Dream Than A Few Moments Ago

Every new idea that comes into your Awareness, provides you with the Ability to further explore your Awareness of what you desire.

All of Life is Orchestrated to help you become Aware of YOUSELF and YOUR DREAMS.

When you believe that all of your life is preventing you from becoming Aware of your dreams, then you approach life with that Awareness.

When you believe that all of your life is helping you to become Aware of your dreams, then you approach life with that Awareness.

Choose Right Now to Believe that ALL THAT IS truly is Orchestrated for YOU if you are experiencing it, and you will Free yourself to Experience All You Can Be.