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More Freedom - Freedom Is Simple And Easy             

Freedom Is Simple And Easy

Your Experience of Freedom is as Simple and Easy as you make it.

You get to Choose where you Focus your Attention.

With Awareness, you Focus on everything that Frees you.

You Focus on thoughts that Align with Relief, Relaxation, Love, Success, Abundance, Peace, Health, Joy, Freedom, Fun, and the list goes on and on as to what you can Align with that also Aligns you with your dreams and your higher self.


Freedom Is One Thought Away

If you feel stuck, your Freedom is one thought away.
If you feel limited, your Freedom is one thought away.
If you feel In-Tension, your Freedom is one thought away.

You can Access your Freedom with one thought that moves you in the direction of your Freedom.

It is tougher to go from depression to Freedom with one thought, but the idea is not to get there instantaneously when you feel so far away from Freedom.

However, that being said, one thought at a time is all it takes.

In every moment you can Access and Activate one thought at a time supporting your Freedom.


Activate Beliefs Consciously

When you are Aware, you Activate Beliefs Consciously.

When you are unaware, you activate whatever beliefs present themselves because of your experiences.

When you are Aware, you know the importance of Activating Beliefs Consciously, and you do so Consciously.


Any Thought That Provides Relief With It Aligns You With YOU

Your life experience is incomparable.

You cannot compare your life to the life of another.

When you do compare your life to the life of someone else, you are only able to find that you are better than another or worse than another. This scale of comparison is ineffective to the Creation of your Life as you envision it to be.

The only Scale of Comparison that gives you Accurate Feedback occurs when you compare yourself with YOU.

you = your human life experience
YOU = your Vision of what is possible in your human life experience

When you (who you are right now) compare yourself with YOU (your life as you dream it can be), then you will feel good when you are moving towards YOU, and feel bad when you are moving away from YOU.

That is the Wonderous Miracle of life.

YOU is always calling you to be YOU.

YOU always feels good to you.

YOU can be anything you Choose.


What Have Your Chosen?

Only you know.

Only you know what God/Life/Energy (YOU) is calling you to do.

Only you know if you are Aligning with YOU.

No matter what age you are, or where you appear to be in your life, you can become YOU.

God/Life/Energy has the ability to Align you with YOU.


Are You Ready To Align With YOU?

This simple and easy question, is asking you to Claim your Worthiness.

Once you claim that you are ready to Align with YOU, then God/Life/Energy has the Ability to Effectively Demonstrate Manifestation.

You know what YOU has been calling you to be.

You usually discover that you are still not YOU, because YOU keeps growing and expanding as you grow and expand your ideas about YOU.

If you have some dreams that you have had for many years, could it be that you are not ready to Align with them?

Could it be that you do not feel worthy of YOU?


Let Me Be The First To Tell You Today - I LOVE YOU!

I love you, too.

But I want you to hear this - I LOVE YOU.

I love YOU.

I love the greatest vision of your life that YOU have set for you to become.

No matter what it is, you can be, do, have, and experience whatever YOU wants you to become.


Imagine Life As YOU

Can you Imagine your life as YOU?

Can you Imagine living the life of your dreams?

You have to Imagine it.

You have to Believe it.

You have to Act towards it.

You have to Create it.

No one else is going to Manifest what YOU is asking you to Manifest.

Manifest YOU!


Ask Believe Conceive

Ask for the things YOU wants you to be, do, have, and experience.
Believe that you can have everything that YOU wants you to be, do, have, and experience.
Conceive (get pregnant) with the everything that YOU wants you to be, do, have, and experience.

When you are pregnant with whatever YOU wants for you, then there is no turning back.

When you are pregnant with your ideas, you know that they are a foregone conclusion.

There is no maybe in being pregnant. You are either pregnant (100%) or not (0%).

You either Ask, Believe, and Conceive, or you have done nothing. Be All That YOU Can Be.