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More Fun - Inspired Actions vs. Just Acting                 

Inspired Action vs Just Acting

When nothing seems to be going as quickly as we desire, or the way we desire, we become anxious to act.

However Just Acting is way less effective than Inspired Action.

Just Acting occurs when we have no Clarity about what the next Inspired Action is.


There Is Only One Inspired Action At A Time

Inspired Action is given to us One at a Time.

Only the very next step is presented.

When we have Clearly Defined our Destination, only the very next Inspired Action is given to us.

When we complete that Inspired Action, the very next Inspired Action is given to us.


One Piece Of The Puzzle

We are only given one piece of the Puzzle at a time.

The Destination to our dreams is a puzzle.

The Journey to our dreams is One Piece at a time.

When we are Aware that it is a Puzzle we build One piece at a time, we activate our ability to completely Focus on the One Piece Right Now.


Think About Your Dream

You probably have a very clearly defined Dream, if you don’t yet, I encourage you to clearly define your dream. For it is only with a clearly defined Dream that God/Life/Energy provides you with clearly defined guidance through Inspired Action.

If your Dream is fuzzy, your Inspired Action is fuzzy.

If your Dream is Crystal Clear, your Inspired Action is Crystal Clear.


Anxious To Act

Inspired Action has a Good Feeling associated with it.

Inspired Action builds towards your Dream.

Inspired Action can take you far away from where you thought you needed to be, only to discover that what you find far away is exactly what you needed.


Inspired Action - Easy vs Hard

Take the easy route now, life will be hard later.
Take the hard route now, life will be easy later.

If you think about your Wealth or Health, this analogy is easier to understand.

Please remember, that Easy or Hard are relative terms.

Many people here the word, “hard” and they think “hard work”.

“Hard” may mean difficult, or challenging, or unknown, or, confusing.

What I wish to imply with the term “hard” is something different, wherein you will probably have to stretch your comfort zones and learn something new.

“Easy” is the exact opposite or “Hard”.

“Easy” to me means that you choose not to go past your comfort zones and choose not to learn new skills.

Take the easy route now, life will be hard later.
Take the hard route now, life will be easy later.


Just Acting Is Easier - Inspired Action Is Harder

Just Acting is Easier. Anyone can Just Act. However the Results produced are not always as effective as they could be.

Inspired Action sometimes is Harder.
Inspired Action sometimes involves waiting.
Inspired Action sometimes involves Enormous Action.
Inspired Action sometimes involves Growth.
Inspired Action sometimes is Easier.

Inspired Action usually brings you together with previously unknown people, places, things, and experiences.

It is these previously unknown people, places, things, and experiences that make your Action Easier.


Are You Spinning Your Wheels?

If you feel like you are spinning your wheels, then more times than not all the pieces are not yet in place.

The Inspired Action may be to wait, or listen, or change course.

If you are spinning your wheels, you are generally Just Acting instead of following Inspired Action.

Breathe and listen until Inspired Action fills you again.