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More Fun - Love What Is                                                

Love What Is

Your ability to Love What Is, as it is, is a measure of your ability to experience fun.

Whatever is present in your life, provides you with another opportunity to have fun.

By example, if a situation is present in your experience that you do not desire, you are presented with wonderful options to embody Fun as you Love What Is.

1. Love What Is as it is, without trying to change it, because your Peace and Fun is guided by your Focus on your Peace and Fun only.

2. Love What Is as it is providing you with another example of what you do not want, in order that you can Consciously Focus on what you do want.


All Of Life Is Orchestrated To Help Us

Every experience in your life is Orchestrated to help you become who and what you desire.

When you believe that every experience does that, you foster that very experience.

You have to believe in order to receive.

Albert Einstein said, “I think the most important question facing humanity is, 'Is the universe a friendly place?”

When you see everything in Life as part of the friendly Universe, then you will experience your Life as part of the friendly Universe.


Loving What Is

This simple concept of “Loving What Is” allows each and every one of us the ability to experience the Universe as a friendly place.

No matter what experiences appear in your life . . . every single experience is just What Is.

Every Single experience is composed of Neutral Energy.

Every Single experience is able to take on every possible perception about it.

That is the reason that a group of people can experience the very same incident and all come away from it with an individual perception.


Are You Saying That Even Bad Experiences Are Neutral In Energy?


All experiences are Neutral In Energy - experiences are only What Is - perception is what you think about an experience.

That is the glorious ability of the Universe.

Each and every person alive on earth at this moment is able to attach their very unique and personal perceptions onto What Is.

There are over 6 ½ Billion different perspectives active Right Now.

Isn’t that amazing?

Isn’t that amazing Fun?


So The Next Time . . . 

you see something that you say you do not want, remember What Is.

Experience is Neutral.

Perception is Everything.

Perception can be Fun (or anything else you Choose - Choose Wisely).