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More Health - Country Health                                        

Country Health

Health starts from the inside out.

1. First, you take care of Yourself.
2. Second, you take care of your Intimate Relationship.
3. Third, you take care of your Family.
4. Forth, you take care of Friends/Work.
5. Fifth, you take care of your Community Health.
6. Then, if you are so inclined, you help with Country Health.

Long lasting change in the area of Country Health, comes with a strong Health basis through each of your Relationship Rings all the way out to Country Health.

When any of the inner Rings are Skipped, the Intentions may be noble, but the structure is weaker than if each Ring is made Healthy first.


Personal Health Pyramid

The pyramid is a super strong structure.

A pyramid is a great structure to base your Health upon.

The base of the pyramid makes up your Personal Health.

The time to build your Personal Health into a strong vibrant Force takes as long as it takes for you to Vibrationally Align with it.

Let’s say that your Personal Health Pyramid is constructed of wood. In order to support the structure, you require one more pieces of wood on each lower level to support the higher levels.

For simplicity sake, let’s say that each pieces of wood represents one year. To Create a Personal Health Pyramid that supports all 7 Relationship Rings would by this scale take 28 years to build and support.

However the time involved can be far more or far less depending on your ability to Align with the Vision of Health you are Creating.

Suffice it to say, seven times as much attention appears to go into Personal Health when compared to World Health.

The truth is world health is a combination of all of 7 levels.

1. Personal Health takes 7 Units of Attention
2. Intimate Health takes 13 Units of Combined Attention
3. Family Health takes 18 Units of Combined Attention
4. Friends/Work health takes 22 Units of Combined Attention
5. Community Health takes 25 Units of Combined Attention
6. Country Health takes 27 Units of Combined Attention
7. World Health takes 28 Units of Combined Attention


Download a .pdf adobe%20pdf%20download.jpg  of this Pyramid here => Personal Health Pyramid
Place it on your bathroom mirror,
or your fridge,
or in you purse/wallet,
or in a book you are reading,
or wherever you are going to see it,
and Consciously Remember Your Power to . . .
Envision Your Health Strengthened And Shared In The World.


It All Begins With Personal Health

Only through building strong Personal Health can you support any and all Health.

One needs to Create a stable and solid Personal Health Foundation in order to Foster each level of Health.

Think of a pyramid of wine glasses. You are the top wine glass in your pyramid. Only by filling your cup first, can it overflow into the other cups in your life.

You could fill another cup first, like your intimate partner’s cup, and their cup would overflow into your family’s cups, but your cup would stay empty if you did so.

Eventually your cup would become dusty with no use and your empty vessel would act with lack of health towards others. Your words might focus on, “what have others done for me lately?”


Isn’t Personal Focus Selfish?

Personal Health Focus is essential to your life. It is not selfish.

Selfish = Self is Health.

Without a Personal Health Focus, there is little or no way that you can continue to fill the cups of others when your cup becomes barren.

Self-Esteem begins with SELF.

Many people continue to fill the cups of others, while their cup is barren because they are following some belief that they have chosen being more important that their Personal Health.


Think Of Shared Health In The Form Of Shared Wealth

Let’s say you are Wealthy and no longer have to work. If all of your wealth was only in liquid assets then you would have a large amount of liquid assets. If you only gave your Wealth to the other Relationship Rings, eventually your liquid assets would run dry.

If, instead, you took your liquid assets and invested in non-liquid assets that produced liquid assets, then when you gave your Wealth to the other Relationship Rings, your non-liquid assets would continually refill your cup of Wealth for you so that you could continue to give Wealth to your Relationship Rings.

Is that Selfish?

Is that Self is Health?


This Is The Importance Of Personal Health First

When you have taken the time to fashion a Personal Health Pyramid, this non-liquid asset produces the liquid assets of Love, Success, Abundance, Peace, Health, Joy, Freedom, Fun, Sex, Wealth, Kindness, Relief, Playfulness, Pleasure, and everything else you fill your Personal Health Cup With.

Only if it is truly in your Core, are you able to truly Fill the other Relationship Rings with it and everyone benefits.

The most important benefit of filling your Personal Health Cup First is that you are the Source of All your Seek in your Life.

Only when you exude Health into all levels of your life, will your influence be powerfully felt.


In An Airplane Emergency Situation . . .

You are told to put on your air mask first.

Is that any different?