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More Health - Healthy Birth And Death                         

Healthy Birth And Death

Each and every moment of life can be Healthy when you are in full connection with God/Life/Energy.

From Birth to Death, our Connection allows Health to flow, while disconnection stops the flow of Health to us.

The flow of Health (God/Life/Energy) is ever present, though we can disconnect from the flow of Health (God/Life/Energy) with our thoughts.

When you feel totally Connected you do not even think.

It is through being Thought-less, that we are one with the Ultimate State of Allowing.


Each And Every Moment Is A New Birth And Death

All of life is Creation.

In each and every moment of life - YOU are Creating.

It may not appear that way. It may appear as if your life is stuck where it is.

Just know that YOU are Creating the same condition over and over again - Healthy or not.


What Is The Reality Of Your Life?

Do you know what the Health Reality of your Life is?

Your Health Reality is What Is.

If you are experiencing lack in any area - that is your health reality.

Is it a lack in physicality?

Or is it a lack in your thoughts?

Too often, we assume with our thoughts are something that may or may not be physically true.


Normal Range Of Health

Your “normal range of health” is the average/regular/usual physical health you experience.

For each person this is unique to their experience.

Mine is different from yours. Yours is different from mine.

You just know what that is.

When you experience something out of your “normal range of health”, you are presented with a choice.

You acknowledge it.

Or you deny it. If you deny it, it can lead to greater challenges.


Awareness Is Key

When you acknowledge it - You become Aware.

Acknowledging something that feels out of the ordinary, is not actively Creating this experience, it is becoming Aware of something.

Through Awareness you can Choose what you are going to do.

For example, you notice that you have a stomach ache (which is out of the “normal range of health” for you).

You acknowledge this stomach ache - you become Aware of it.

The first time this happens you associate your stomach ache with the rather large meal you ate. Your thoughts have Created a sense of ease around this ache through a cause (large meal) and the effect (stomach ache).

The second time this happens, you notice you did not recently eat a large meal. This time your thoughts find a reason - but they lack a cause (large meal) and effect (stomach ache) theory. Your thoughts explain it away. “Perhaps this is a new experience for me.”

The third time this happens, you notice that the stomach ache is accompanied by a Sharp Pain.

Generally because this “Sharp Pain” is so far out of your “normal range of health” you do something about it, like going to see a doctor.


Not All Health Choices Are Obvious

Moment to Moment we either feel Connected to or disconnected from All That Is.

Feeling Connection Allows us to easily access God Giving Ongoing Direction within ourselves.

The Feeling of God is the voice that says we can be, do, or have a particular experience just for the fun of it.

By example, we have just experienced the third and now “Sharp Pain” of the stomach ache, and the voice within us says that we can go to the doctor’s office just for the fun of it.

We may not associate fun with the doctor’s office, but it can be a lot more fun than the alternative if we do not heed that advice.

God Giving Ongoing Direction always encourages us to move in the direction that is associated with more health, and better well being, just for the fun of it.

Going to the doctor’s for many people is not associated with Fun, but could not going be even more Fun?


All Of Life Is Set Up For You To Win

Life is set up for Everyone to Win.

Each and every moment is a new birth and a new death in our lives.

Some births can be as dramatic as a new born child. Others can be as subtle as a new breath.

Some deaths can be as dramatic as the passing of a family member. Others can be a subtle as a hanging up the phone from a phone call.

No matter what you experience in the moment, you are experiencing a new birth and a new death.

Right Now, you may be experiencing the birth of a new concept and the death of an old idea.

Be content in the knowledge that Right Now, All of Life is Orchestrated so that you become who you choose to be at the most profound and enjoyable levels.

Life is really set up for you to win and experience all that you desire, as well as help All of Life be enriched by your example.