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More Love - More Country Love                                     

More Country Love

For the most part people experience their county through the media. Unless they have first hand knowledge of that country, they usually only intimately know their community.

To experience one’s country through the media, quite often leaves out the most important part, the Loving People.

Generally the media Focuses upon anything other that only God/Life/Energy in their broadcasts.

If you are watching the media, God/Life/Energy is there.

Although you may already Choose to adjust what types of God/Life/Energy you wish to experience.

You may forgo the news, in favor of a nature channel presentation.
You may forgo a violent movie, in favor of a light hearted family based comedy.
You may forgo a day time drama show, in favor of a good book.
You may forgo a news paper, in favor of a magazine on business.


The Furthest Outer Rings of Relationships

Most people experience their life by living fully within the first five Relationship Rings. Many people only experience the Country Relationship Ring through daily conversation with others in their community.

How many good feeling things have you shared about your country recently?

What could you start sharing about your country that would Focus God/Life/Energy into your Creation Vibration as you desire?