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More Love - The Love Hour                                            

Watch Time

The Love Hour

Each day take some time just for yourself. When you focus on the things that you love, your Joyous feelings set your Creation Vibration.

Your Joyous Creation Vibration Attracts your experiences of Joy.

One Hour is a very small commitment to Create the life of your dreams.

Only you can make the time for your Joy and your Dreams.

Start today!


The 10% Solution

On your journey to Create your new habits and experiences, use the 10% Solution.

When you make a commitment to Joyously direct 10% of your time, energy, and resources towards your dreams, you Attract people, places, things, and experiences that build your dreams.

For example, with the Love Hour concept you can start with 10% of that hour, or 6 minutes to begin fostering your Joy and your dreams.

The 10% Solution means that you Consciously Choose thoughts, feelings, words, and actions which consistently Uplift and Encourage your Joy and Potential.

You Choose your thoughts and feelings, God Manifests them.

Your Ultimate Connection with God Always in All Ways results by taking Simple steps regularly.


Do What You Love And The Money Follows

When you follow your dreams and desires you feel Joyful.

When you are Conscious that your Joy Attracts and Allows your dreams and desires to Manifest effortlessly, your life flows easily and you do the things you enjoy.

You make Choices that Uplift and Encourage others and yourself.

Your Confidence and Connection to Joy and God Manifests everything in your life.

You do what you Love and the Abundance you require to live your dreams and desires Manifests Joyously.


Let It Go And It Comes To You

When you focus on Joy in your life, everything you could ever Imagine comes to you.

When your thoughts and feelings focus Only upon that which you desire, your desires Manifest automatically.

You let go of your emotionally guided opinions and your Joy bubbles effortlessly.

You release your expectations and your preferences come to you.

You Choose everything in your life that repels from you and comes to you.

You Choose everything by your unconscious decisions or your Conscious Choices.

Your life Experience is always a result of your Choices.


How Do You Spend Your Daily Love Hour?

Do you spend your Love Hour focused on your dreams?

Do you spend your Love Hour focused on how someone has done you wrong?

Take Time each and every day, to do something that you Love and your Love will grow and flourish into the rest of your life.

If you do not take time, for yourself, who will?

Consciously Set Your Creation Vibration to LOVE.

Consciously Set Your Creation Vibration to Your Love.

Your Love is ever changing.

If you take a daily Love Hour to be up to speed with the things you love, Your Creation Vibration shall Attract all you could ever possibly imagine.