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More Love - More Friends/Work Love                          

More Friends/Work Love

Our closest friends are often valued as highly or more highly than our family members.

The majority of our friends are closer to acquaintances, and as a result are groups in with the people we spend our working time with.

If the average person sleeps 8 hours a day, and works 8 hours a day, then around 1/3 of their life is spent a sleep and 1/3 of their life is spent asleep at work. That means that 1/3 of their life is for their Core Relationship with God/Life/Energy, AND our Intimate Relationship, AND our Family/Friends Relationships. It is a wonder that anyone has time to impact the other Relationship Rings.

Your Work Life may be the way you make ends meet.
Your Work Life may be a stepping stone to your dreams.
Your Work Life may be something that is killing your soul.

Only you know what your work means to you, so realize that 1/3 of your life is devoted to it, and that 1/3 has some level of Focus attached to it. For that 1/3 of your life you are Focusing on ‘What Is’ or ‘What You Wish’.

It may be true that you don’t work on weekends, so in effect you do not work 1/3 of entire life. It may also be true that you work way more than 1/3 of your life by putting in long days and extra time on weekends.

I truly hope you Love your work.

Your work is an extension of your Eternal Beingness.


The Canoe Of Life

Your place in life and work is a lot like a Canoe on a meandering river.

A lot of the time we are only immediately Aware of where we are Right Now. The Canoe is filling up with water and we are bailing it out. The Canoe needs repairs, so we pull over to the shore and stop as long as we need to fix it. The Canoe is full of 10 people and a party is going on that will be remembered until the end of time, until the canoe sinks.

A lot of the time we are also Aware of what is behind us on the river. As the river meanders, we have very limited ability to see what is coming ahead of us. We do remember the shallow swampy parts we had to portage and pull our canoe through and we hope that never happens again. We remember the lake the river went into and we felt an abundance of clear vistas and enjoyed our stay until we found the river’s outlet on the far other edge of the lake. We remember the people, places, things, and experiences that lead up to this present moment.

Sometimes we are even Aware of the bigger picture. As the river meanders, we get glimpses of what’s coming ahead of us. Sometimes we can see clearly for miles and we see that it’s clear sailing for us. We relax and peacefully place More Love in our Work and Life in the present.


Means To An End

All the work we do is either a ‘means to an end’ or ‘fulfills dreams’.

Is your work a ‘means to an end’ or ‘fulfills dreams’ or does it Create both?

I believe that all of life and work ‘fulfills dreams’. We are always the Focal Point of our Consciousness and all we do ‘fulfills dreams’.

Occasionally, it appears that our life is the exact opposite of what we desire.

Always in All Ways, our life is the exact Manifestation of what we Focus upon.

If you are experiencing anything, then you have Focused upon said thing in your life, Consciously or unconsciously.


Unconscious Creation Vibration Setting

Too often we Set our Creation Vibration through off-the-cuff comments about life such as ...

“The summer heat makes people lazy.”
“I didn’t want to come into work today.”
“I heard that they let a few people go this week.”
“I have to do my work and theirs when they go on vacation.”

Let’s take the example, “The summer heat makes people lazy.” and expand upon it.

This simple unconscious belief seems to be about no one in particular, yet we have just used a broad brush stroke belief to paint everyone with, without even being aware we have done so. Now our brother can show up as lazy to prove this unconscious belief, or our neighbour, or our coworker.

Our lives are guided by what we choose to believe consciously and unconsciously.

And you say, ‘I don’t really believe that.’

At some level you do.


Think Of A Rope

The little individual fibers/wires represent our fleeting thoughts.
The fibers/wires braided into strands our habitual thoughts.
The strands combined around a Core Strand into the Rope of our Deepest Heartfelt Most Secret Beliefs.

In the journey to Manifest our beliefs we can use unconscious or Conscious individual fibers/wires.

If you think a fleeting thought once, it is rarely going to affect the structure of your life.

If you think a fleeting thought into a habitual thought, it is going to become the structure of your life.


More Love In Your Work 

You are Always and Only the Source of that which you seek.

If you wish to experience More Love in your work, bring More Love in your work.

If you find that the work you are doing, hardly allows you to Be Love, then Choose to Work at what you Love.

Are you at work because you Love it?
Do you feel you have to be there just to pay the bills?
Are you called to do the work you are, or are you working their by default?

You know the Honest Answer.


What If You Want To Change To Work You Love To Do Even More?

You Are Creating Your Own Experience, so take whatever necessary steps to Change to work you love to do.

You may say, ‘I can’t change my job now, I have too many responsibilities.’

Very often if you change from where you are to where you want to be instantaneously today, you would have a very painful transition because you are currently ready and able to live the life you are currently living.

If you change from where you are to where you want to be over a longer period of time, you transition will generally be easier.

Depending on what you want to become you may have to grow a lot. You may have to learn an entirely new curriculum. For you to do what you love, if you are not already, you are the only one who can Choose and Fulfil your Desires.


You Probably Have To Grow In Your Spare Time

If you really want to make the transition to your Right Livelihood that you Love Passionately, you generally have to start the transition in your spare time.

That quite often means giving up some of the activities you do now, in order than you can build a foundation to live the life of your Dreams.

If you take one hour a day and put it towards something you Love, you will have put 365 hours towards something you love by the end of the year.

For example, If you wanted to write a book, and you only wrote ONE page each hour of each day. At the end of the year, you would have a first draft book of 365 pages.

If you wanted to start a business on the side, you would have put 365 work hours in by the end of the year. 365 hours is equivalent to 9 weeks (at 40 hours a week) and an additional five hours towards your business.

If part of the time you spent researching most profitable alternatives to do the things you Love, and found mentors (in person, or through their books, or courses, or information) to learn from, you would make informed decisions to set up your business model.

I highly recommend this approach as it will save you a lot of time and money and worry in the journey.


You Have To Love The Work You Are In Now To Move To The Work You Love More

No matter what stage you are in, you have to Love the Work you are in. The More Love you place in your Core wherever you are, the More Love you place in your Life and your Work.

Love is the Answer.